5 Best Commercial Dishwashers Of 2022

If you are running your business in the F&B service and looking for a way to free yourself from a huge volume of dishes. Then commercial dishwashers are surely a great solution for you. It is not only time-saving but also extremely easy for staff to use. And if you’re wondering which machine is best for your business, let’s check out KitchenLowCost‘s recommendations for some best commercial dishwashers below!

What Are Commercial Dishwashers?

Commercial dishwashers are commonly used in businesses, especially in restaurants and hotels, for cleaning utensils, crockery, and cutlery pots. The size and working capacity of these machines will generally be more enormous than domestic ones.

Therefore, using commercial dishwashers will help businesses handle large loads of dishes and save a lot of time. This is especially important for culinary businesses when they have to serve a large number of guests during peak hours.

5 Best Commercial Dishwashers Of 2022
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Top Rated Best Commercial Dishwashers 

Most commercial dishwashers are divided into three main types below. For each type, we would like to recommend to you some best commercial dishwashers we could discover. 

Undercounter Commercial Dishwashers 

Undercounter commercial dishwashers have a compact size which allows them to fit anywhere they are. They are commonly used in strong cafes, small pubs, and restaurants. In spite of their compact size, they could clean up to 20 to 30 dishes or racks per hour and offer lower temperature power, so save on energy consumption.

It usually has a door on the front to allow you to easily put dishes in and empty them. If you want to rinse a small stream of dishes and have a steady supply of clean crockery for customers, under-counter commercial dishwashers would be an ideal option for you.

Fagor Evo Concept+ Undercounter Dishwasher

FagorĀ Evo Concept+ Undercounter Dishwasher

This commercial dishwasher has a compact design which is usually for restaurants with a small scale. It will help you clean dishes all the time. Because of its compact size, the device will not consume too much energy.

Fagor Evo Concept+ Undercounter Dishwasher is made of silver and stainless steel. This item has 23x25x33 inches with a noise level of 65 dB. With its compact and modern design, it is a reasonable choice for limited space and also contributes to the beauty of your kitchen.

It will come with (1) 20″x20″ flat rack, (1) 20″x20″ peg rack & (1) cutlery container. You also should take note of its electric requirement, the standard voltage is 208V, 60Hz, and 1 phase. Water usage per load is 63 gal per rack. Fagor Dishwasher has been highly recommended as one of the best commercial dishwashers by many users.

  • Modern design
  • Easy use
  • Non-toxic material
  • Adjustable legs
  • Short term of the warranty (1 year)

Hobart LXe Undercounter Dishwashers

Hobart LXe Undercounter Dishwashers

This is a standout product from Hobart. Hobart is renowned as a reputable brand in providings. The exterior looks gleaming with stainless steel material. It is also an eco-friendly product because it adopts advanced technology and saves much energy during operation.

Hobart is known as a famous and reliable brand in manufacturing dishwashers. It is rated as the most popular commercial dishwasher in the industry. Its design focus on sustainability and technology. It can clean full racks of dishes quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, saving on energy and water usage is also the primary concern. Generally, it is also a product that is worth buying. It also automatically pumps drain and fills water.

  • Modern design
  • Eco-friendly product
  • High efficiency
  • Lightness
  • Load a small number of dishes compared with others.

Door Type Of Commercial Dishwashers 

Door-type commercial dishwashers are designed with a button in front, and you just need to fill dishracks, put them inside, close the door, and press that button. This type of commercial countertop works faster and saves more time compared with the under-counter version.

They are divided into high and low temp designs. However, you should note that it will require more water and detergent at the same time. Door type machine could clean from 40 to 300 dishes per time.

Fagor COP-174W Evo Concept+

Fagor COP-174W Evo Concept+

For this model, its design is very ergonomic, so you do not have to bend down every time you load dishes. It also allows you to wash a large number of dishes per time. You just need to open the door and load racks of dishes directly into the dishwasher.

Fagor COP-174W Evo Concept+ is a qualified energy star. It also uses high temperatures to sanitize dishware, so you do not worry about chemicals. Water temperature is up to 150 degrees Celcius.
Besides, this machine also could deal with a large load of dishes up to 60 racks per hour. It is ergonomic because you won’t have to crouch when emptying dishes from racks.

  • High efficiency
  • Energy star
  • Using high temperature
  • Ergonomic design
  • Slightly Heaviness

Hobart LT1-1 Low Temp

Hobart LT1-1 Low Temp

You could load large numbers of dishes with this unit. With all stainless steel frameworks, the machine looks very gleaming and clean. An exclusive de-liming cycle ensures your dishes are washed more thoroughly.

Hobart LT1-1 Low Temp could clean perfectly 37 racks per hour just using only 1.7 gallons of water per rack. Especially, because of being a low temp dishwasher, this unit has a chemical sensing device checking whether or not chemical residues are on the cookery such as detergent, sanitizing pumps, and rinse aid.

Besides, it also has an exclusive de-liming cycle which helps optimize the washing cycle to ensure your dishes are washed as clean as possible. In addition, all frameworks are made of stainless steel which creates a sparkling and clean outlook for your kitchen space.

  • Water-saving
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Fast shipping
  • Door cycle switch controls
  • Exclusive de-liming cycle
  • Difficulty in replacing equipment

Conveyor Dishwasher

The conveyor dishwasher is the most massive among the three types here. It is suitable for large cafeterias and restaurants which require a wide variety of dishes washed in a short time. It is vastly productive and efficient for you.

This unit could help wash a large number of dishes up to 1000 dishes per time. There are also two types: low and high temp designs. However, because of its complex construction, you may need an electrician to set up and hardwire them.

Champion 76 DRPW Dishwasher

Champion 76 DRPW Dishwasher

This machine has the largest size of the above machines. Because of its size, it can load hundreds of dishes. Dual Rinse technology helps speed up the drying process and gives better drying results.

Champion 76 DRPW Dishwasher is a product that meets the needs of cleaning dishes in large quantities. Because of the combination of pre-washing, rinse technology, and a high temperature wash system, this machine can wash up to 266 racks per time.

It applies Champion’s exclusive Dual Rinse Technology to help wash dishes faster and also ensures sanitation. It is also certified by Energy Star. With the technologies applied to this machine, it is guaranteed to save you much water and electricity.

  • Eco-friendly product
  • Dual rinse technology
  • Wash pump 2 HP motors
  • Automatic Tank Fill
  • Big size

How To Choose The Best Commercial Dishwashers 

There are a variety of dishwashers in the market, so how can you find the best commercial dishwashers for yourself. We have some standards below that help you find out the one meeting your demands. 

The Heat of Commercial Dishwashers

Generally, commercial dishwashers consist of two kinds: low temp and high temp ones. 

  • Low Temp

Low temp commercial dishwashers will help you save more energy and cost less upfront. However, to use this type of machine, you are required to use cleaning chemicals during the washing process. Using chemical sanitizers will cause some bad effects on dishware such as corrosion and discoloration, especially with plastic things.

In particular, if you use this machine in the food industry, you need to pay attention to the safety of chemicals to sanitize dishes. These substances must be approved by FDA and safe for use.

5 Best Commercial Dishwashers Of 2022
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  • High Low 

High temp commercial dishwashers will save you from worrying about chemical sanitation problems. By using high temperatures to clean and kill bacteria, this machine is considered the best choice for food service.

Dishes will not be discolored or corroded, and the taste of food will not be affected by chemical residues. However, it requires high upfront costs with the requirement of a 280V power outlet to install. But it is still worth investing in.  

Water Use 

  • Undercounter commercial dishwashers utilize 1.8 gallons of water per rack. High-efficiency models use only 1 gallon per rack.
  • Door type ones consume up to 2.2 gallons per rack, while high-efficiency models consume 0.95 gallons per rack.
  • Typical rack conveyor machines consume up to 1.2 gallons per rack. High-efficiency models can consume as low as 0.54 gallons per rack.

Best Brands Of Commerical Dishwashers 

Below are some reliable and famous brands selling best commercial dishwashers you could refer to: 

  • Hobart
  • Champion
  • Fagor
  • Noble
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Faberware
5 Best Commercial Dishwashers Of 2022
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How To Drain A Commercial Dishwasher?

Commercial dishwashers could use either gravity or a powered pump to drain dirty water outside. Depending on the position of dishwashers and pipes, you might decide to use a powered pump or not. If a dishwasher is higher than pipes, you just need to use gravity. Otherwise, you should use a powered pump to support drainage and make it faster and easier.

What are chemical sanitizers safe for usage?

Dishwasher detergent and rinse aid are necessary for the washing cycle. Choosing the best commercial dishwashers is not enough, you also need to select suitable sanitizers for them. Especially with a low temp dishwasher, you may need to use some dishwashing chemicals to sanitize cookery. There are some brands you could trust to choose from.

  • Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner and Disinfectant 
  • XROM Dishwasher Pro Cleaner Tablets 
  • Finish Dual Action Dishwasher Cleaner 
  • Eco-Gals Eco Scrubz Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Cleaner 

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KitchenLowCost has recommended the best commercial dishwashers that you can buy for your business. Wish your business successful and prosperous as well as you will have a great experience with your choices. If you find the article useful, please follow KitchenLowCost to update more interesting information!