Bosch Ascenta Vs 100 Series Are They the Same?

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Is Bosch 100 Series Same As Ascenta

Actually, the 100 Series was developed by the manufacturer to achieve more improvement based on the Ascenta line. They improved the Ascenta and renamed it 100 Series.

While these two types have a lot in common, there are some noticeable differences or upgrades.

Before making it clearer about Bosch Ascenta vs 100 Series, we would like to give you some short reviews about these two dishwasher types.

Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher Reviews

Since its introduction on the market, Bosch’s entry-level dishwasher brand, Ascenta series, has been consumers’ favorite.

Wash Features

bosch ascenta vs 100 series

To accommodate the many types of kitchenware you need to clean, there are 6 wash cycles: Heavy, Auto, Normal, Delicate, Rinse & Hold, and Express.

It also offers a Half Load wash option and an NSF certified sanitize option to remove microorganisms from organic waste that could cause health issues.

For tougher stains, Ascenta dishwashers provide a High-Temperature wash and a Heavy-Duty wash, making sure that all the hard stains will be washed away. It also comes with a drying feature so you do not need to wipe your dishes after cleaning.

Moreover, you can use a Delayed Wash setting that the dishwasher offers to manage wash times ranging from 3,6 to 9 hours.

24/7 Overflow Leak Protection is one more feature helping assure that your kitchen will not flood if you mistakenly leave the water flowing.

Energy and Water Consumption

The annual water consumption is approximately estimated to be 2604 liters. And the annual power consumption is estimated to be 269 kWh.

To run the Ascenta dishwasher, you will need a power source of 15 Amps and 120 Volts.

It has Energy Star certification and a Tier 1 CEE rating, which means that it is regarded to consume the least amount of water and energy.


Bosch Ascenta Vs 100 Series Are They the Same?

Ascenta dishwasher has a material made from stainless steel which is durable over time.

It has a 24” tub, a self-closing door, and 14 place settings, allowing you to wash a huge amount of dishes in one go.

Ascenta also includes a top rack that can be adjusted and a long silverware basket for cutlery. The body of this type is stainless steel, with a plastic bottom.

This Ascenta model is a built-in one.


Bosch dishwashers are popular for their reduced noise. 

With a noise level of 50dB, Ascenta is one of the quietest dishwasher types on the market. Some people might find it just the same as the sound of the rain.

Does Bosch Ascenta have heated dry?

Bosch Ascenta or any other models from Bosch does not have a separate heated dry option. Usually, it uses a condensation drying process that does not involve a heating element to help dry dishes after cleaning.

They use a final hot rinse to generate condensation by combining the stainless steel inside with the hot rinse. As a result, water drips off the plates faster and more efficiently.

Bosch 100 Series Dishwasher Reviews

bosch ascenta vs 100 series

Bosch 100 Series is upgraded based on Bosch Ascenta. Therefore, in addition to some similarities, there are some different points between Bosch Ascenta vs 100 Series as follows.

Wash Features

There are 5 wash cycles on this model: Heavy, Auto, Normal, Rinse & Hold, and Speed60. It also features an extra scrub feature that removes crusted and dried debris and makes cooking pots and pans cleaner.


The 100 Series comes with an extra place setting, making it have 15 place settings in total. It also includes a third rack, which provides additional space for dishes at the bottom of the dishwasher and improves the machine’s washing effectiveness.

The RackMatic is a height-adjustable upper rack that can accommodate taller glasses. The removable silverware basket can be positioned anywhere in the tub.

The stainless steel tub is supported by a polypropylene bottom rather than a plastic one, making the machine more durable overall.


One prominently different point between Bosch Ascenta vs 100 Series is the Info Light. The 100 Series includes a lighting feature that projects on the floor in front of the dishwasher to indicate that it is on.


The 100 Series still assures a low noise level when it operates. With a noise level of only 48dB, the noise reduction seems not to be a significant difference when compared to Ascenta models.

What is the difference between Bosch Ascenta vs 100 Series?

In short, Bosch manufacturer has upgraded the Ascenta and renamed it the 100 Series.

From what we have mentioned above about features of Bosch Ascenta vs 100 Series, you could see some prominent updates such as:

  • Bosch 100 Series has 15 place settings
  • Bosch 100 Series has RackMatic – a height-adjustable upper rack to fit taller glasses
  • Bosch 100 Series is quieter with noise level of 48dB
  • Bosch 100 Series has Info Light to imply if the dishwasher is turned on

The 100 Series is understandably more expensive due to the additional features and enhancements, so you will have to pay a little bit more for this model.

The Ascenta unit has served as its entry-level model to this point, and the 100 Series will not replace the Ascenta line, just offer alternative features at similar prices.

In conclusion, when talking about Bosch Ascenta vs 100 Series, the latter one has better features since it is an upgraded version of the Ascenta model.

However, it’s also worth noting that the Ascenta model is being phased out in favor of the 100 Series. Ascenta models will no longer be manufactured by Bosch.


Bosch Dishwasher 300 Series

bosch ascenta vs 100 series

The Bosch 300 series dishwashers are regarded to be able to compensate for the majority of the 100 series’ flaws. These models include all of the features included in the budget model above, as well as the below features:

  • Quieter operation with noise level of 44 dB
  • Flexible Third Rack to fit bigger items
  • Speed60 cycle ensures all dishes are cleaned and dried in not over an hour
  • The ExtraDry option is a new function that adds a heat boost to the condensation dry process, drying your dishes
  • The interior is improved and more flexible with the adjustable tines and RackMatic feature, making it easier to load larger dishes and utensils or taller glasses
  • 16 place settings for larger interior capacity

Bosch Ascenta vs 800 Series

Bosch Ascenta Vs 100 Series Are They the Same?

Compared to Bosch Ascenta model, the 800 Series dishwashers are a better fit and they offer excellent cleaning and drying results.

One outstanding model in 800 Series is Bosch 800 Series SHXM78Z55N dishwasher and it has some below features:

  • EasyGlide racks provided
  • FlexSpace tines which are adjustable
  • Control system is touch-sensitive and easy to use
  • Besides 6 wash cycles, CrystalDry is a fantastic function that gets bone-dry dishes in the same way that dishwashers with a heating element do. CrystalDry has the advantage of not melting your plastics.
  • Wi-Fi access is provided by the HomeConnect function. With HomeConnect, you can program your dishwashing cycles directly from your phone.
  • The MyWay Rack is found on some of Bosch dishwashers in the 800 Series. Ramekins, cereal bowls, measuring cups, ladles, and other small items fit perfectly on the third rack. In this clever third rack, you will even find a removable flatware tray with folding tines.

Which series is best in Bosch dishwasher?

According to some of research and reviews, we have carefully read, Bosch 800 Series is considered to be the best series.

Responsive controls, 40 – 42 dB noise level, flexible interior, MyWay Rack on select models, ADA compliant models, 18-inch selection, HomeConnect Wifi, and CrystalDry in select models are the helpful features of this series.

Also, the price ranges from $849 is one more factor to make it suit the most for your family.

Bosch SHPM78Z55N 800 Series 24″ Built-In dishwasher is regarded to be one of the most outstanding models of this series.

Bosch SHPM78Z55N 800 Series 24″ Built-In Dishwasher

Made from stainless steel material. This dishwasher comes with an Energy Star Certification and provides up to 16 place settings. CrystalDry technology converts moisture into heat, resulting in 60% drier dishes, including plastics. EasyGlide rack system, adjustable upper rack and InfoLight are also useful features that this dishwasher provides.

This dishwasher belongs to Bosch 800 Series and it offers a lot of standard and exceptional features to ensure an efficient cleaning process. The noise level that it produces is only 42dB, performing a quiet enough operation for you.

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Above are some of the similarities and differences between Bosch Ascenta vs 100 Series that we want to show you.

The 100 Series is an upgraded version of Ascenta so it is the better one if you are having an intention to purchase a Bosch dishwasher.

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