Useful Guides about Dishwasher Top Rack Replacement

As time goes by, your dishwasher ages, and some parts of it may get degraded. Racks may belong to those parts.

In this post, KitchenLowCost will help you understand more about dishwasher top rack replacement. You will know how to fix some issues of racks or how to replace them if necessary.

Things to Notice about Dishwasher Top Rack Replacement

Even though dishwasher racks are manufactured to be durable, their quality and condition may still be decreased over time and you have to check them after a certain amount of time.

Dishwasher upper racks or bottom racks are changeable. But before you decide to have your racks replaced, you should specify why you have to replace them and what the cause is.

Below are some issues that may occur to dishwasher racks. Let’s have a look at them.

Dishwasher rack is rusted

dishwasher top rack replacement

When the metal beneath the rack coating is exposed to the water from the cleaning process for a long time, oxidation can occur and eats away at the layers, causing rust to form.

Make sure that your dishwasher is working correctly and that the dishes you put in it are dishwasher-safe.

Rusty racks in dishwasher can cause rust spots on your utensils and dishes. If you find that they are rusting, here is how to fix them:

  • Step 1: Remove the dishwasher racks

For the bottom rack, you lift it up and take it out of the unit.

For the top rack which is normally secured by two-track stops. You need to open it and take it out.

  • Step 2: Sand the rusted areas

Specify the rusted areas and use a file and sandpaper to sand them down. Continue until the rust is completely gone.

  • Step 3: Seal the sanded areas

Apply the vinyl touch-up paint to the sanded areas. Make sure that they are well coated with the paint to assure a strong seal and avoid rust from appearing again.

Wait for 8 hours for the paint to dry and then place the racks back into the unit.

Dishwasher rack coating is chipped or missing

One more culprit causing rusty racks is the chipped or missing coating. Overloading the dishes or loading dishes that are not safe for the dishwasher is the reason why the coating is chipped or missing.

So you need to avoid doing those.

This issue needs to be solved quickly to prevent rust on the racks. The solution is the same as how you fix rusty racks as mentioned above.

Dishwasher rack tines are bent or broken

dishwasher top rack replacement

After being used for an extended period of time, rack tines can be degraded. Or if they have been impacted by a force from outside, they can also be bent or broken.

Here is how to fix them:

  • Step 1: Remove the dishwasher racks
  • Step 2: Remove the bent or broken tines

Cut the bent or broken tines from the rack with a rotary tool, then sand down any remaining rust.

  • Step 3: Re-tip the tines

Apply a dollop of vinyl touch-up paint on the severed tine’s tip. Replace a new tine cap for the tip. Wait for 8 hours for the paint to dry then put the rack back into the unit.

Dishwasher rack rolls open or stays open

Due to a leveling problem, the rack may roll forward every time when you open the door. Here is how to fix:

  • Step 1: Check if the dishwasher is level

To determine if the rack tilts forwards, you close the dishwasher and place a level vertically against the front of the dishwasher.

  • Step 2: Modify the leveling legs

Modify the legs as needed with an adjustable wrench. Lower the unit by twisting the legs clockwise and turning them counterclockwise to raise it.

Dishwasher rack really needs replacement

If the racks are in such a bad condition that they can’t be repaired anymore, it’s time for you to have them replaced.

In the next section, we are going to talk about dishwasher bottom racks and dishwasher top rack replacement.

How Do You Replace A Dishwasher Top Rack?

dishwasher top rack replacement

It is not complicated or time-consuming for you to do the dishwasher top rack replacement.

For most models, the bottom rack can easily be lifted and taken out from the unit. On the other side, to remove the top rack, you need to open two-track stops which usually lock the top rack.

You can read more about how to replace racks properly in your instruction book.

Following is how you do dishwasher top rack replacement.

  • Step 1: Remove the top dishwasher rack

To get to the track stops, you need to pull the top rack forward.

Once it is halfway out of the tub, rotate the track stops to the side facing the unit’s exterior to open them and remove the rack from the rails.

  • Step 2: Replace the top dishwasher rack

The track stops are opening, you put the back wheels of the new rack into the track slots and move it back onto the rails until the front wheels slip into place.

When all four wheels fit on the tracks, push the rack all the way into the dishwasher and let the track stops close automatically.

Whirlpool Dishwasher Rack Replacement

Useful Guides about Dishwasher Top Rack Replacement

Replacing process includes basic steps as we have mentioned above. You need to remove the racks out of the unit first. Then you replace new ones in the unit.

However, for each model, perhaps there are some little differences. You should read the instruction book for your dishwasher to know the way exactly.

Here is a detailed example of how to replace the upper dishrack of the Whirlpool dishwasher that you can check it out (model Whirlpool # W10728863).

How to Replace Whirlpool Dishwasher Upper Rack Wheels

In case you need to replace the dishwasher upper rack wheels, first, you open the track stops in the front to remove the upper rack out of the unit.

Use a screwdriver to remove the wheels, replace them with new ones then slide the racks back onto the rails.

The steps are really simple so you can do it yourself at home.

You can also check out the below video to know how to replace dishwasher rack rollers.

Maytag Dishwasher Top Rack Replacement

About Maytag dishwasher, the steps are basically similar.

Make sure the rack is empty and release the track stops to easily remove the rack.

Remove the upper spray arm assembly from the bottom of the top rack. Depress two little tips of the bracket and push the bracket away from the rack then you lift the spray arm out of the rack.

Also, remove the central bracket to fully detach the spray arm assembly.

After getting a new rack, you attach the spray arm back to it. Pull the rails of the dishwasher out then slide the new top rack back onto the rails.

Watch the video below to understand more clearly how to do it.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Dishwasher Rack?

Dishwasher top rack is an essential part of the dishwasher. It is understandable when its price ranges from $80-$150. It is one of the parts that cost pretty much money.

When Should I Replace My Dishwasher Racks?

You need to check up on your dishwasher racks regularly to prevent likely issues as early as possible.

If your dishwasher racks have signals such as they are bent or broken, rusty or stiff, you need to get them repaired or replaced quickly.

You can have professionals repair them for you or you can ask for a consultant from others and do it yourself.

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Hope you find this article helpful and do the dishwasher top rack replacement well. We also hope that you can use your dishwasher for as long as possible.

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