How Do Bosch Dishwashers Dry? Discover the Feature Of the Reliable Dishwasher

Bosch dishwashers operate a drying system differently compared with other models. This design has helped Bosch stand out in the market, support customers save energy, and minimize damage to plastic dishes. So how do Bosch dishwashers dry? Let’s find out the answer with KitChenLowCost in this article.

How Do Bosch Dishwashers Dry?

Without using the heating element, Bosch dishwashers still could dry dishes. So how do Bosch dishwashers dry? We will find out how it works below! 

What Is Condensation Drying? 

Most Bosch dishwashers have a condensation drying process instead of a heating element. This system will utilize the elements of the dishwashing process which works efficiently to dry dishes.

The design helps Bosch become a famous and reliable brand that is more energy-saving than other dishwashers.

Besides, by not using heating elements, you can rest assured when putting plastic dishes on the bottom rack.

How do Bosch dishwasher dry

How Do Bosch Dishwashers Dry?

You can imagine that you use a long hot shower with a door shut. After opening the door, you could see condensation on the mirror and then start to dry. This system also works like this example. 

Bosch dishwashers will use superheated water to wash dishes during the last rinse so that they dry naturally inside the tub.

Condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with the cooler stainless steel tub and then changes into droplets. These droplets will drop to the bottom and drain.

In fact, a stainless steel tub will cool faster than glasses and porcelain things. 

This process will minimize the damage to dishes, glasses, and especially plastic things. In addition, this also saves energy and avoids overheating for a long time, helping maintain the life expectancy of the machine.

Sanitize or Extra Dry Options 

To increase the efficiency of the drying process. You can select the sanitize mode or the drying option on the control panel.

The drying option helps you increase the temperature of the water during the last rinse process, which helps condensate and evaporate faster.

Sanitize options will heat the water to 151 degrees, which helps eradicate 99.9% of bacteria, speed up the process as well as improve drying results.

How do Bosch dishwasher dry?: Discover the truth
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How to Maximize Drying with Your Dishwashers 

Below are some ways you can apply to optimize the drying process:

  • Use Rinse Aid

Rinse aid will make dishware and glass have a sparkling outlook by lowering the tension of water and then sliding off and removing spots as well.

The use of additional rinse aid not only makes the dishes shiny after drying but also speeds up the process.

  • Auto Cycle 

Bosch highly recommends that you should use auto cycle for your dishwasher every day, especially when your dishwasher needs to deal with mixed loads of dishes. 

  • Empty The Bottom Rack First 

When taking out the dishes from the machine, you should pay attention to empty the dishes on the bottom first.

Because many dishes have deeply curved edges or surfaces and sometimes won’t be completely dry. Doing this helps prevent the top dishes from dripping to the bottom, causing the dishes to become wet again.

Discover how do Bosch dishwasher dry?
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How Long Does It Take for A Bosch Dishwasher to Dry? 

A normal cycle lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours, and drying process takes about 30 minutes.

However, it still depends on modes you choose and how dirty dishes are. You can use rinse aid to help dishes dry faster and cleaner.

Besides,’ Extra dry’ option can be chosen to speed up the drying system if you have heavy loads of dishes. You won’t have to worry about putting plastic things in Bosch dishwashers during drying process because of how it works.

Bosch has been consistently one of the top-rated dishwasher brands in the world since 2000.

How Do Bosch Dishwashers Dry

Why Isn’t My Dishwasher Fully Drying My Dishes? 

Whether or not dishwashers will have proper drying performance depends on many factors:

  • Loads of Dishes

You should put a moderate load of dishes in the top and bottom racks for each cycle. Because if your dishwasher is overloaded, it could not dry well and also easily destroy the engine throughout time.

  • The Temperature of Water

Make sure that water is heated enough to dry dishes appropriately. Generally, the water going into the dishwasher needs to be between 120 and 150ºF (49 to 66ºC).

  • Rinse Aid

To have better drying results, you can think about using rinse aid. You can refer to some types of rinse aid such as Jet Dry for normal drying needs and Finish Turbo-Dry for extra drying assistance with plastics, Fairy rinse aid, Morrison rinse aid and so on.

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