Do You Know How Long Do Miele Dishwashers Last?

In terms of dishwashers, there is one reliable brand that it will be a miss if we don’t mention. It is the Miele brand.

In the following article, we KitchenLowCost will share with you some essential information about this brand and give an answer for how long do Miele dishwashers last.

Miele Dishwashers

Before finding the answer for how long do Miele dishwashers last, we would like to introduce a bit about the brand.

Miele was founded in Germany in the year of 1899. Being a manufacturer of appliances, Miele provides a variety of appliances, covering almost all of the regular kitchen appliances that people usually have in their house.

They are fridges, freezers, coffee-making machines, ovens, cookers, and apparently dishwashers.

how long do miele dishwashers last

Miele dishwashers are strictly qualified before being released into the market. Doors of dishwashers are opened hundreds or even thousands of times to test their durability.

The manufacturer runs thousands of washing cycles to check the quality as well as the operating speed. Together with that, they can also test energy conservation ability.

Being through those testing processes, Miele dishwashers all deserve Energy Star, ensuring their high quality and reliable position in the market.

Strengths of Miele Dishwashers

When there are a lot of diverse options of dishwashers in the market, we believe that there are some certain points that make Miele dishwashers outstanding when compared with others. Let’s see some strengths of Miele dishwashers.

High-Quality Cleaning

This is usually the first factor people consider when buying a dishwasher. Due to intensive testing, Miele dishwashers provide exceptional cleaning performance. With all the cycles they come with, your plates will be surely washed cleanly.

how long do miele dishwashers last

Additionally, the dishwashers have advanced filters which avoid food junk or soiled water accumulated in the tub or the pipes. Therefore, even if you use a hard water source, there would be no white spots left on the dishes after cleaning.


Miele dishwashers also have high durability. The strict qualification that the manufacturers carry out before selling them can tell it.

Some models of Miele might be a bit more expensive but it is worthy when you can own a dishwasher lasting for many years to come.

Long Lifespan

This is the most suited strength that can give an answer for how long do Miele dishwashers last.

The brand has stated that Miele dishwashers can last for up to 20 years which is an impressively long time for an appliance. Usually, some dishwashers can last for 5-7 years but Mieles last more than that.

Miele has done really well in ensuring that their dishwashers can last up to almost 2 decades even being used continuously.

Various Models and Design

Do You Know How Long Do Miele Dishwashers Last?

Miele is one of a few brands providing dishwashers for all kitchen designs and different types of use.

The manufacturers consider everyone’s needs. Therefore, they produce a wide variety of dishwashers to meet as much requirements of people as possible.

Beside making standard size products, the brand also thinks about people living in condos, apartments and makes 18-inch sized dishwashers. It is easy not only for installing the machine in your kitchen room but also for storing it.

Do You Know How Long Do Miele Dishwashers Last?

You can also stow some compact or countertop models by just putting them in kitchen cabinets or above stable shelves.

Quiet Operations

One more element that defines a good dishwasher is quiet operation. Some other brands, unfortunately, can’t deal with these issues completely and their dishwashers cause some noise when operating.

But Miele dishwashers confidently can save their users from loud noise. The more expensive the model is, the quieter its operation sounds. However, even ones with entry-level price range can run quietly enough for you.

How Long Do Miele Dishwashers Last?

how long do miele dishwashers last

So how long do Miele dishwashers last?

As we have mentioned above, Miele dishwashers can last for up to 20 years which is an impressive amount of time.

We also would like to share with you how to maintain the machine as below. Maintaining it right will not only ensure its longevity but also reduce repairing cost for you, if any.

Use the proper amount of detergent. 

Do You Know How Long Do Miele Dishwashers Last?

You don’t need much detergent because Miele dishwashers don’t consume much water like other units. Using the manufacturer’s dishwasher tabs will be the best choice. All other tabs tend to contain up to 3 times the amount needed so they are not suitable.

If you use detergent in gel condition, DO NOT use more than 1 teaspoon for each load. If you use powder detergent, DO NOT use more than 1.5 tablespoons (22.2 ml) for each load.

Clean the filter.

Do You Know How Long Do Miele Dishwashers Last?

After doing the cleaning for an amount of time, food leftovers probably accumulate and get stuck inside the filter. You need to remove the filter out and rinse it under flowing warm water. You can use a toothbrush or something alike to rub off some hard debris.

Clean spray arm jets.

Do You Know How Long Do Miele Dishwashers Last?

Soil in water might collect and stick to the spray arm jets over the time. You need to unscrew the locknut and get the spray arm jets out. Then rinse them under warm water and if necessary, use a toothbrush to remove the remaining debris.

Clean rubber seals.

Do You Know How Long Do Miele Dishwashers Last?

Rubber seals also need to be cleaned regularly. Sometimes, residue of left over detergent might gather and it will create odor. You need to take the rubber seals out, and clean them with baking soda and water. You can also use vinegar instead of baking soda.

Bath your dishwasher.

Do You Know How Long Do Miele Dishwashers Last?

Making a vinegar solution and using it to bath your dishwasher once a month are recommended. You pour the solution in and start a sanitizing cycle so that collected detergent residue will be washed away.


How often should I clean my Miele dishwasher?

Relating to the question how long do Miele dishwashers last, people also want to know how often should they clean it.

It is recommended that you should get your Miele dishwasher cleaned monthly if possible or as regularly as you can. That will be the optimal ratio to maintain the best performance of the machine.

Cleaning dishwasher is not that hard and takes you not much time to finish. You just need to follow the steps that we have explained above.

Are Miele Dishwashers worth buying?

Yes, Miele dishwashers are really worth buying. After considering all the features and strengths of this brand, you will find it totally worthy to own a Miele dishwasher.

Beside the impressive cleaning efficiency, its long lifespan would be a plus point when compared to other brands.

Dishwashers from Miele might be a bit more expensive due to their excellent features. Some people might find it unaffordable but owning an effective cleaning machine for 20 years is a smart long-term investment.

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