How Long Does a Samsung Dishwasher Run to Clean Your Dishes?

One of the factors that customers care about when choosing or using dishwashers is the operating time. Time can be one of the key elements affecting their purchase decision and some people pay a lot of attention to it.

In this article, KitchenLowCost would like to talk about how long does a Samsung dishwasher run with the aim of bringing readers an overview of the working time of this dishwasher brand.

Samsung Dishwasher Cycles Explained

how long does SamSung dishwasher run

Basically, depending on the selected wash cycle and the soil level of dishes, most cycles take 80-150 minutes. It’s not uncommon for a cycle to last 1.5 or 3 hours. Not only Samsung but this is true for almost all manufacturers.

Before talking about how long does a Samsung dishwasher run, we are going to explain some of the Samsung dishwasher cycles.

Below are 7 cycles that Samsung dishwashers generally offer.

Samsung Dishwasher Smart Auto Cycle

The first cycle Samsung dishwashers provide is called Auto. On some older models, it is called Smart Auto

After a few minutes of operation, this cycle recognizes the level of the soil of dishes and automatically starts the appropriate cycle.

In other words, it detects the amount of filth on your dishes by using a sensor, then modifies the water temperature and cycle duration accordingly.

Samsung Dishwasher Quick Cycle

On new models, this cycle is called by the name Express 60.

When you need to wash dishes quickly, this cycle comes in handy. Usually, it takes about 1 hour to finish and suits the most for lightly dirty dishes. This cycle does not include the drying time.

Samsung Dishwasher Delicate Cycle

This cycle is designed to clean soiled and fragile items such as fine glassware and crystal. Wine glasses are an example.

Note: Do not use this cycle for other glassware because of the possible clouding or etching.

Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Cycle

Use this cycle to clean heavily soiled dishes.

The heavy cycle is designed to be able to deal with hard stains and grease. Its cleaning efficiency is undeniable.

Samsung Dishwasher Normal Cycle

A normal cycle seems to be the cycle used most of the time in a family. It can deal with dishes at the average soil level.

You might use this cycle for normally soiled dishes on a regular basis if your family does not cook too many menus or the dishes do not contain much grease and hard stains.

The dishwasher’s energy-usage label is based on this cycle.

Samsung Dishwasher Rinse Only Cycle

This cycle is used for rinsing dishes, glasses, and many types of silverware which will not be washed right away.

Remember not to use detergent in this cycle.

Samsung Dishwasher Self Clean Cycle

To clean the dishwasher’s tub, use the Self Clean option.

When you turn on the dishwasher, the Self Clean indication will blink for 5 seconds, indicating that it needs to be cleaned.

If you start the dishwasher while the indicator is blinking, it will automatically switch off.

Note: Remember to always run the Self Clean cycle when your dishwasher is empty. NEVER use it as a wash cycle to clean dishes and other cooking items.

Next, we are going to give you the answer of how long does a Samsung dishwasher run.

How Long Does A Samsung Dishwasher Run?

Normally, a Samsung dishwasher takes around 80-150 minutes to run and finish.

How to Run a Cycle

How Long Does a Samsung Dishwasher Run to Clean Your Dishes?

Below are the basic steps you need to follow to run a cycle on the Samsung dishwasher.

  • After adding detergent and rinse aid to the compartments, press POWER to turn the dishwasher on.
  • Select a cycle and then select options. If you change cycles, the options are reset.
  • Press START, and then you need to close the door within 3 seconds. The dishwasher drains water for a few seconds and then starts the cycle. For some models, you close the door first and then select a cycle to start.
  • To change or cancel the cycle, press and hold START for 3 seconds. After opening the door, you press START and then close the door to resume the cycle.

How to Know When Samsung Dishwasher Is Done

When the wash cycle is completed, the light turns on and the dishwasher sounds a chime.

Then the dishwasher powers off automatically. To improve drying results, the door opens automatically 5 to 15 minutes before the cycle ends.

Samsung Dishwasher Options

how long does a samsung dishwasher run

How long does a Samsung dishwasher run does not only depend on what cycle it works on but also on the selected options? What options you choose can have a certain impact on the operation time of the machine.

Following are some of Samsung’s dishwasher options.

Samsung Dishwasher Delay Start

This option is simply used to delay a cycle so it will start later.

To lengthen the delayed start time, you press the Delay Start button or hold it.

The displayed number implies the time at which the wash cycle will start. Some models use one-hour increments up to 24 hours. Meanwhile, others use three-hour increments up to 9 hours.

After setting the delay time, press the Start button, and then shut the dishwasher’s door. Any water inside the dishwasher will be drained promptly, but the wash cycle will be delayed.

To change the delay time, you need to turn off the dishwasher and then turn it back on. Choose a new cycle and change the delay time settings.

To cancel the settings, press and hold the Delay Start button until the hour increment disappears.

Another way to cancel is to press and hold Start for 3 seconds. You can also cancel the wash cycle by this way.

Samsung Dry+ Option

This option is similar to the Sanitize option because, in the final rinse cycle, the water temperature is increased. The drying time is also longer.

Samsung Heated Dry Option

To optimize the dishwasher’s drying performance, you can turn on the Heated Dry option.

Some models have a plastic tub instead of a stainless steel one. They include this Heated Dry option. Drying result will be improved if you have this option turned on.

Samsung Hi-Temp Wash option

When the dishwasher runs with this Hi-Temp Wash option, it will increase the temperature of the main wash to improve cleaning for dishes containing tough stains or stains from baked-on food.

Samsung Lower Rack option

how long does a samsung dishwasher run

In some previous models, this option is called Half Load.

Only the lower rack nozzle is engaged if this option is enabled. One of the advantages that this option offers is to reduce cycle time and power usage.

This option suits the most to wash a small load of dishes or glasses in the lower rack.

If you need to wash heavily dirty dishes and other items, Storm Wash option or Zone Booster option will be more suitable to have stronger performance.

Samsung Sanitize option

The water temperature is increased in the last rinse cycle when the Sanitize option is selected for high-temperature sanitization.

When the water temperature reaches a level that is high enough, the Sanitize light will blink and stays on until the Sanitize option finishes. Then you open the door, or you turn off the dishwasher.

The Sanitize option also enhances the drying results of the dishes and utensils.

Samsung Smart Control option

How Long Does a Samsung Dishwasher Run to Clean Your Dishes?

With this option, you can remotely control and monitor the dishwasher through a Wi-Fi connection, with an app called SmartThings.

Samsung Speed Booster option

Its name says everything. You can select this option to reduce the washing time of the machine.

So you can get your clean dishes within a shorter time.

Samsung Storm Wash option

With this Storm Wash option, you might be able to skip the Pre-wash process.

StormWash option uses rotating spray jets which power through dirty dishes.

Use this option when you want to wash pots and pans, durable serving bowls, and other large dishes with grease or hard-to-clean stains.

To use the Storm Wash option, you need to put the dishes face down in the marked Storm Wash area in the lower basket.

Samsung Upper Rack option

Only the upper rack nozzle is engaged when you select this Upper Rack option.

When you get this option selected, the lower nozzle is not going to work. This Upper Rack option helps to wash a small load of dishes or glasses which are placed in the upper rack.

Samsung Zone Booster option

This option will give your dishes a boost while being cleaned. Zone Booster adds a second stream of water to help you clean those pots and pans which contain grease and hard stains.

This Zone Booster option is suitable for you to wash heavily soiled items such as pots and pans. This option uses slightly more water and energy when it runs.

This is understandable because it needs more power to wash away hard stains on the dishes.

The Zone Booster option increases the amount of washing power applied to the left side of the lower rack. The Upper Nozzle is not turned off when you select the Zone Booster option.

If you want to apply Zone Booster to either or both sides, some Samsung models have an L and R options for you to choose.

How to use Samsung Dishwasher

How Long Does a Samsung Dishwasher Run to Clean Your Dishes?

In addition to the answer of how long does a Samsung dishwasher run, we would like to briefly give you the procedure of using a Samsung dishwasher.

  • First, you open the door and load the dishwasher. Scrape off any chunks of food off the dishes first. You don’t need to pre-rinse the dishes.
  • Add detergent to the detergent dispenser, and rinse aid to the rinse aid compartment. If you do not use a rinse aid, drying performance will be significantly reduced.
  • Press POWER to turn the dishwasher on, select a cycle first, and then select your options. If you change cycles, the options are reset.
  • Press START, and then close the door within 3 seconds. The dishwasher starts the cycle after draining for a few seconds. Note: For some models, you can close the door first, and then select and start a cycle.
  • To change or cancel the cycle, press and hold START for 3 seconds. To resume a cycle after you have opened the door, press START and then close the door.
  • When the cycle ends, you will hear a chime or jingle sound from the machine.

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That is all about how long does a Samsung dishwasher run. We have provided you with the answer and also given a brief introduction to Samsung wash cycles as well as wash options. Hope that you will find this article useful.

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