How to Load Third Rack Bosch Dishwasher in the Right Way

Some dishwashers or some Bosch dishwashers do not only have the upper and the bottom racks but also the third rack. It is located highest out of 3 racks and has its own advantages.

In this article, KitchenLowCost will talk about are advantages of the third rack and how to load third rack Bosch dishwasher.

Bosch Dishwasher Rack Instructions

To begin with, we would like to give you short instructions on Bosch dishwashers’ racks before talking about how to load third rack Bosch dishwasher.

Dishwashers from Bosch come with 3 rack levels in total: Bottom rack, Middle rack, and Top rack – also as known as the Third rack.

Bottom Rack Bosch Dishwasher

how to load third rack bosch dishwasher

The bottom rack is designed to put large dishes and heavy cookware on a flat surface. Big plates, pots, and pans, cutting boards, or mixing bowls are some items you can put on the bottom rack.

If your Bosch dishwasher is from the 300 Series or up, FlexSpace tines will be included. Foldable tines in the bottom rack can be stood up so you can load glasses or bottles. You can lay them down to load more bowls if you want to.

Some things you need to do to achieve the optimal cleaning results:

  • Put the items in a way ensuring that they face the spray arms
  • Put large items with a flat surface at the edge of the bottom rack so they will not block the water flow or detergent
  • Do not overlap items or else water can not be sprayed properly

Moreover, Bosch dishwashers include a silverware basket inside the bottom rack. As you can see from the image above, when you open the door, you will see it on the right of the bottom rack.

We will talk more about how to load silverware into this basket later.

Middle Rack Bosch Dishwasher

How to Load Third Rack Bosch Dishwasher in the Right Way

Middle rack Bosch dishwasher is used to load smaller plates and bowls, cups, and wine or drinking glasses.

Some tips to remember when loading dishes into the middle rack:

  • Put the items facing down and at a certain angle to make sure water can get sprayed into it properly. Leftover water will also be prevented.
  • You can put long utensils on the middle rack on some Bosch dishwashers without third rack. Make sure they are laid flat on the rack to avoid falling through and hitting the sprayer arms.

The middle rack also has folding tines. You can also stand them up to load glasses or bottles or lay them down to load more bowls.

How to adjust middle rack in Bosch dishwasher?

Normally, you can adjust the rack by either pulling up the basket or pressing on the lever.

Looking at the inside of the basket, near the lever you will see the little hook on either side. Also, you will see the respective levels that you can adjust.

When you move the basket up, the hook will latch underneath the rim and that will secure it into the position you choose.

When you want to lower the basket, you press the lever inwards so the hook will pop out, the basket will slide down.

Bosch dishwashers have a feature called Rackmatic. It is created for the middle rack and allows you to adjust the height of the middle rack to 9 different levels.

This feature comes in helpful when you need to wash a lot of different-sized dishes. The rack can be raised or lowered to accommodate taller pots on the bottom rack or taller wine glasses.

Next, we will talk about how to load Third Rack Bosch dishwasher.

How to load Third Rack Bosch dishwasher?

how to load third rack bosch dishwasher

Third rack is designed to hold cutlery, small serving utensils, and some bigger ones. When you want to wash some cutlery items or utensils in extra size and the silverware basket in the bottom is full, the third rack will come in handy.

Here’s how to load third rack Bosch dishwasher:

  • Put small utensils in the slots. Do not overlap them, put them separately in each slot so they will be washed better
  • Outside the slots, you can put bigger serving utensils in a freeway

What is the third rack in a Bosch dishwasher for?

As you can see, this top rack is a little bit smaller and shorter than the rest two racks. It is easy to distinguish it from the other two racks due to the color and material.

The third rack will improve the loading capacity of the dishwasher. You can load more serving utensils and even small bowls or ramekins into it.

Usually, Bosch dishwashers provide 3 different kinds of third rack.

The standard third rack provides space for flatwares and big utensils. Its V shape makes room for taller items to be placed on the middle rack.

The Flexible Rack can hold larger objects, and the tines can be adjusted to suit the loading space. Its V shape with drop-down wings makes it simple to load ramekins and measuring cups.

The MyWay Rack is the largest one out of 3 kinds of racks. It offers the maximum loading capacity. You can even load bowls into it and do not need to worry about space for other utensils.

How to Load Glasses in Bosch dishwasher?

How to Load Third Rack Bosch Dishwasher in the Right Way

Usually, glasses are loaded in the middle rack of Bosch dishwashers. Sometimes, they are also placed in the bottom rack, depending on their size and other utensils’ size.

To ensure the optimal cleaning result, you need to put glasses facing down. By doing this, you can ensure the water is sprayed into glasses properly. In addition, there will be no excess water in the glasses after cleaning.

Do not overlap them, place them neatly. You would not want to make the racks look messy and that may prevent the water jets from reaching certain parts of the glasses.

Loading Silverware in Bosch dishwasher

As we have mentioned above, Bosch dishwashers include silverware baskets inside the bottom rack. Beside the silverware basket, the third rack is one more place to load more silverware or long utensils.

You can put forks, spoons, and knives on the third rack or in the silverware basket on the bottom rack.

It is recommended to:

  • Make sure there is space between forks and spoons so they will not nest into each other
  • Place knives with the blades down to avoid unexpected accidents
  • For an even wash, place spoons and forks with some handle-up and some handle-down

Note: If you, for some reason, have silver items cleaned in the dishwasher, you should separate them from stainless steel cutlery. Pits in the silver can appear if you mix them.

Loading Tips for your Bosch Dishwasher

We will tell you some loading tips when you use Bosch dishwasher as following.

Tip 1: Know the place settings

A place setting of a dishwasher indicates how many sets of dishes it can hold.

You need to know exactly how many place settings your dishwashers have. A number of place settings is also one important factor to consider when purchasing a dishwasher.

Also, there is space designed for a set of serving cutlery.

Tip 2: No need to pre-rinse, just scrape food particles off the dishes

The filter of the dishwasher may get clogged because of the accumulation of food particles during the cleaning process.

Therefore, scraping food particles off the dishes before loading them into the dishwasher can prevent food accumulation in the filter. Water will also flow smoothly and properly.

Tip 3: Place small dishes and utensils in the cutlery drawer

how to load third rack bosch dishwasher

In the third rack, there is an area called a cutlery drawer. Forks and spoons can be placed in the slots. Bigger utensils like tongs and ladles can be freely placed anywhere in the drawer.

Notice that not all models have a cutlery drawer.

Tip 4: Place light crockery, delicate dishes, wine glasses, and less soiled items on the third rack

Fixed tines can be used to hold plates, bowls, and glasses. Foldable tines can be pushed down to make a flat space for bigger items like bowls.

Additional items and small dishes can be placed on the knife shelf or foldable shelves. Small bowls and small dishes can be put below the shelves.

Tip 5: Place dishwasher accessories, large and heavily soiled crockery in the bottom rack

Fixed tines can be used to hold pots, pans, and bowls. Foldable tines can be pushed down to make a flat space for bigger crockery and accessories.

Tip 6: Wash extra-large items like baking grills and trays with a baking spray head accessory

Remove the cutlery drawer and the third rack and then attach the baking spray head. Then place baking grills and trays on the bottom rack.


Is a dishwasher third rack worth it?

A question related to how to load a third rack Bosch dishwasher is that is it worth having a third rack.

A third rack will increase the loading capacity of the dishwasher. You can load more items to be washed so that after just one cycle, you have many clean dishes and utensils which are ready to be used.

A third rack directly contributes to the dishwasher’s productivity so it is totally worth it.

Can you remove the third rack in a Bosch dishwasher?

Yes, you can remove the third rack in a Bosch dishwasher.

Third racks of Bosch dishwashers are designed to be removable. You can take them out easily and clean them on a regular basis to keep them always in a good condition.

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To conclude, we have given you an overview of how to load third rack Bosch dishwasher.

You can see that having a third rack will make a dishwasher more efficient when it is able to wash more items. We have also included the usage of the bottom and middle rack in the article.

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