How to Protect Cabinets from Dishwasher Steam?

Have you ever wondered how to protect cabinets from dishwasher steam? KitchenLowCost will talk about how you can timely overcome them.
How to Protect Cabinets from Dishwasher Steam?

Have you ever wondered how to protect cabinets from dishwasher steam? Today KitchenLowCost will talk about how you can timely overcome them. So keep reading to safeguard your valuable kitchen cabinets from prevalent danger.

Let’s get started to find out how to protect cabinets from dishwasher steam!

Can Steam Damage Cabinets?

how to protect cabinets from dishwasher steam

One of the most dangerous elements endangering the finish and structural integrity of your kitchen cabinets is steam.

Steam is the heated air that rises from a stovetop pot as you prepare food or use your coffee machine. If this hot air continues to hit the underside of a cabinet, it can severely damage it.

Consider how water and heat may harm your cabinets separately, then combine the two to get a sense of the degree of the damage.

In essence, steam is a combination of water and heat. The hot air rising from your pots and pans might cause the paint on your cabinets to come away.

The tiny water droplets that comprise steam can readily penetrate the protective coat, soaking the cabinet panels.

If your kitchen cabinets are painted or laminated, the steam will only damage the outside layer, leaving the wood within unharmed.

Damp kitchen cabinets are prone to mold growth, may become a thriving ground for bacteria, and can eventually swell and rot.

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How Do You Fix Steam Damaged Cabinets?

Dishwashers are incredibly useful equipment, but they may also be risky if they are broken. Damage caused by steam is a typical issue. This happens when the dishwasher becomes wet while running normally.

The steam condenses on the glassware and other things within the dishwasher, causing them to deteriorate.

You will need to remove the door panel and wipe off the glassware to fix steam damaged cabinets. Then, reassemble the appliance by replacing the door panel.

Now, let’s discover how to protect cabinets from dishwasher steam!

How to Protect Cabinets from Dishwasher Steam?

Here are some useful ways you should keep in mind how to protect cabinets from dishwasher steam:

  • Tip 1: Use Adhesive Sheets, Contact Papers, or Heat Shields
how to protect cabinets from dishwasher steam

The best thing about these sheets is that they offer an aesthetic value to the surface because they frequently include decorations. Some of them are intended to mimic the marble look of your countertop, among other patterns.

Even better, they are waterproof, so all you have to do is wipe away the collected moisture with a dry towel and your cabinets will be fine.

You may also quickly place them on surfaces by following easy instructions, which are frequently given by the manufacturer.

Moreover, contact papers are most likely the most cost-effective solution. One of the best-selling items you should consider is AriesTech Countertop Furniture Waterproof Decorative.

  • Tip 2: Invest in A Dishwasher Equipped with a Gasket/Foil

Most KitchenAid and IKEA appliances have gaskets or foils to reduce the amount of steam that escapes into the surroundings.

The tub gasket of a dishwasher forms a moisture-tight barrier around the device’s door, preventing steam from escaping when the appliance is operating.

If you find that your appliance is leaking, begin by determining the source of the leak around the gasket. If the gasket is damaged or worn out, replace it right away for the protection of your cabinets.

  • Tip 3: Melamine Lamination
how to protect cabinets from dishwasher steam

Melamine laminate is a synthetic waterproof substance that is frequently put on particleboard to make it water-resistant as well as shatter and scratch-resistant. It is commonly used to manufacture cabinets and countertops.

These two allow moisture from your dishwasher to gather in little globules that may be easily wiped away with a dry towel. They also improve the aesthetics.

  • Tip 4: Remember to install the appliance correctly

Depending on how you install your dishwasher, your cabinets and countertop will be more or less exposed to hot moisture. You can put the dishwasher in such a manner that the amount of heat that reaches these surfaces is restricted.

One of the most common mistakes that many homeowners make is installing the dishwasher so that the doors are flush with the next cabinet – it is extremely wrong.

The simplest method for this is to make sure that the body, not the door, is flush with the nearest cabinets.

  • Tip 5: Check the direction of the vent

The vent’s function is to vent steam to the outside. As a result, if put incorrectly, an appliance designed in this manner will cause harm to adjacent cabinets.

These dishwashers, like most other types of dishwashers, are often mounted ahead or proud of kitchen cabinets so that this vent is not covered.

When installing the appliance, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions since damages caused by the incorrect installation are never the responsibility of your cabinet supplier.

That’s all about how to protect cabinets from dishwasher steam with 5 easy tips!

How to Protect Cabinets from Steam of Coffee Maker?

After we have gone into how to protect cabinets from dishwasher steam, do you want to know some tips to protect cabinets from the steam of your coffee maker?

Here are some tips to keep the steam from a coffee maker from causing damage to your cabinetry:

  • Tip 1: Relocate Your Coffee Maker
How to Protect Cabinets from Dishwasher Steam?

If at all possible, keep your coffee maker away from your cabinets. This may be more difficult in compact kitchens with little counter space.

Simply make sure it is not directly under a shelf in this case. If your outlets are immediately next to the cabinets, use an extension cord or build more outlets away from the shelves near the new location of your coffee machine.

  • Tip 2: Wipe And Dry Your Coffee Maker Regularly

If you notice that the steam from your coffee maker is causing droplets to collect on the surface of neighboring cabinets, clean and dry them quickly. Leaving the moisture in place hastens the decomposition of the material.

  • Tip 3: Ensure Kitchen Ventilation

Proper ventilation will guarantee that heat and moisture exit your kitchen rather than lingering and damaging your cabinetry.

Design an open kitchen with lots of windows and natural light, and consider adding another vent, a fan, or air conditioning to improve air circulation.

  • Tip 4: Install Heat Shields

Heat shields are thermal barriers that are used to keep items from becoming overheated. Install these in your kitchen to divert steam from your coffee maker away from your cabinetry.

How Do You Install A Dishwasher Moisture Barrier?

How to Protect Cabinets from Dishwasher Steam?

A dishwasher moisture barrier is a product that prevents dishes from becoming wet while being cleaned. It works by producing a layer of air around the dishes to keep moisture out of the dishwasher.

A moisture barrier is less dependent on the dishwasher brand and can take several shapes. This has no effect in diverting the steam away from the countertop. It simply acts as a barrier between the steam and the surface.

You can install a dishwasher moisture barrier with adhesive sheets and contact paper. They are low-cost, but temporary, barrier shields. These sheets may simply be placed on the underside of the tabletop.

As we have mentioned, melamine laminate is another alternative for a moisture barrier. These are available as contact paper or as rolls of tape.

Install a moisture barrier by laying it over the area that needs to be protected and then applying heat to it using a household appliance such as an iron or hair dryer to make it adhere to the countertop.

What Is a Dishwasher Moisture Deflector?

A moisture deflector is equipment that is installed between the dishwasher and the wall. It assists in the prevention of condensation on the walls. This prevents the formation of mold and mildew. If you live in a humid location, it is advised that you install a moisture deflector.


Is It Normal for Steam to Come Out of The Dishwasher?

Yes, steam from dishwashers is normal. If you find steam coming out of your dishwasher on a regular basis, you should contact a local appliance repair business.

What Is A Dishwasher Steam Guard?

The dishwasher steam guard is attached to the bottom of the countertop over the dishwasher door. It keeps water vapors that escape when the dishwasher is opened from entering the countertop and swelling it in the long run.

How Do You Seal a Gap Between Kitchen Cabinets and Dishwashers?

Cover the visible connection between the panel and the existing cabinetry with caulking or wood putty in the same color as your cabinets. Place a bead of paintable caulking down the seam and smooth it with your finger. Paint if necessary to get a seamless finish.

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