Where Is Chantal Cookware Made? Reveal the Truth of the Best Cookware Brand

Why Chantal is always the name that comes to mind when buying qualified cookware. Let's find out and answer the question: Where is Chantal cookware made? in this article.
Where is Chantal cookware made?

Chantal is always the first brand that comes to mind when people intend to buy cookware and kettles for their kitchen. So why is this brand’s cookware line so popular? Where is Chantal cookware made? Let’s discover interesting information about Chantal with KitchenLowCost through this below article!

What Do You Know about Chantal Brand?

Chantal is a longstanding American brand founded by German immigrants and Heida Thurlow in 1971 and renowned for producing kettles, cookware, bakeware, and other cooking tools.

Heida was the only woman graduating from an engineering class in Germany, then she moved to Houston, Texas, and became the first woman in the US to establish and run a cookware company.

2021 marks an important milestone of the 50th anniversary of Chantal’s establishment.

The cookware at Chantal is highly rated with gleaming stainless steel, glass lids, and stay-cool handles. So where is Chantal cookware made? We will find out the answer right now!

Where Is Chantal Cookware Made?

Where is Chantal cookware made
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In 1971, the company’s first actual cookware products were enamel on carbon steel from Germany.

In 1979, Heida introduced a new line of German-made Enameled cookware under the brand name of Chantal by Lentrade, Inc in vibrant Cobalt Blue. 

So where is Chantal cookware made nowadays? Chantal is located in Houston, Texas and its pieces are manufactured in Germany and China.

Its store is situated at 5425 North Sam Houston Pkwy. West Houston, TX 77086 (corner of Hollister Rd. and Beltway 8 North). 

You can visit the store or go to its retail points, nonetheless, today you can find all of Chantal’s products on Amazon website instead.

Chantal has many preferential shipping policies such as free shipping for all orders over $300 or only $12.99 shipping on orders under $100.

Features of Chantal Cookware

Where is Chantal cookware made
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If you are interested in choosing cookware at Chantal, you could refer features we enlist here: 


Most cookware products at Chantal are made from Japanese stainless steel which is non-toxic and helps improve the endurability and heat conductivity. 

Chantal was the first company to introduce glass lids to the American marketplace. These lids are glass that could endure the heat of 425 F together with stay-cool handles and dripless pouring rims. 


At Chantal, there are many types of cookware and each one is specially designed to serve different customer purposes.

The gentle design of the cookware line helps customers cook effortlessly on all cooking surfaces including magnetic induction. 

One of the most impressive designs is 3.Clad Technology. With a triple-layer construction including stainless steel, aluminum, and magnetic induction stainless steel, it conducts heat evenly throughout the cookware body.

Most products look elegant and stunning with a polished seamless exterior.

Discover where is Chantal cookware made

Types of Chantal Cookware

If Chantal’s design and materials match your taste, below are some main types of Chantal’s cookware you could refer to: 

  • 3.Clad Cookware

This is a new product line of Chantal using 3.Clad TM Technology.

This technology includes 3 layers which are stainless steel, alumni, and magnetic induction stainless steel. These layers allow heat to go through the cookware body easily. 

Besides, a layer of non-stick enamel is also covered on the surface to prevent the product from oxidizing, increasing the life of the product as well as meeting the cooking demands of customers.

  • Clad Nonstick Fusion TI

Not only manufactured with high standard materials, but this product line is also extremely impressive with stylish glass lids and beautifully functional stay-cool handles.

You can use it on all cooking surfaces, even magnetic induction. However, you should take note of just only washing by hand for these products.

Do you know where is Chantal cookware made
  • Cast-Iron Cookware 

The main material for products is cast iron and enamel. Each product is formed from a perfectly molded piece of cast iron with a high degree of heat retention.

In addition, three enamel coatings are also applied to the interior and exterior of each piece.

Because of the enamel coating, this product line has quite eye-catching colors such as sea blue, cobalt blue, fade grey, and marigold, as well as its design, is also extremely simple, gentle, and luxurious.

  • Induction 21 Steel Cookware 

This product line is relatively similar to 3.Clad™ Cookware. It means that it is also made with tri-ply construction.

Glass lids can heat safe up to 425F and perform all cooktops. The difference is that these products are covered with fusion TI non-toxic ceramic coating. 

Induction 21 Steel Cookware has been the premium stainless steel since 2016. It is made of 21/0 Japanese stainless steel and these products attract and satisfy not only home chefs but also professionals. 

  • Specialty Cookware

Chantal also provides kitchen tools that make it easier to prepare for parties at home. Products with all sizes for you to choose from.

Specialty cookware includes items such as a roaster with a nonstick rack, pasta steamer insert, stockpot, and so on.

These pieces are also made of stainless steel and designed meticulously. You can be completely assured of the quality when choosing products at Chantal.

Is Chantal a Reliable Brand? 

All about where is Chantal cookware made
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Chantal just celebrated its 50th anniversary on October 22, 2021. Heida – the founder of Chantal has been awarded over 50 patents, and 30 trademarks from both the USA & Germany.

You can find its high-end retail stores across all 50 states. Some of Chantal’s designs are copied by countless competitors over years. 

Therefore, Chantal is considered to be the most prestigious brand that many people think of when having demands on buying high-quality cookware as well as totally counting on choosing.

Chantal’s enameled cookware and teakettles are parts of some of the most well-organized programs of the 90s including Friends, Seinfeld, and the Golden Girls. 

Depending on the different product lines, Chantal will provide customers with separate warranty policies. For Chantal kitchen tools, customers can be provided with a 10-year limited warranty.

You can visit the Chantal.com website to learn more about the warranty policy of each product.

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