Top 10 Best Pancake Maker for You to Choose

If you are a pancake lover and you want to make pancakes by yourself at home, this article is for you.

Together with KitchenLowCost, let’s have a look at some best pancake maker which will give you the best cooking experience and bring tasty pancakes to enjoy.

What Makes A Perfect Pancake Maker?

best pancake maker

A perfect pancake maker should be the one that can produce well cooked round pancakes. That is the basic requirement customers will look at when they decide to make a purchase.

Except from that, there are other criteria you need to consider to select a best pancake maker.


Mostly, pancake makers have size of 16 inches. Depending on how many pancakes you want to create or how much space you have in your kitchen, you can use a larger or smaller griddle plate.

Larger griddles can make more pancakes at once, while smaller ones are more portable and ideal for outdoor activities.

Controls & Functions

Some of pancake makers have temperature control settings and timers. These features decide how dark or light the pancake will be.

When the temperature of the device reaches the optimum level, the light will display to indicate that it is ready.

Temperature Range

If you want to cook meals that require different temperatures, a device with a wide temperature range will come in useful.

However, a limited temperature variation will also suffice if you use it for a specific purpose.

Materials & Cooking Surface

Top 10 Best Pancake Maker for You to Choose

One of the important factors making a best pancake maker is the material and cooking surface.

Read carefully about the material of the pancake maker. The material needs to be durable so it can last long.

The surface has a certain impact to the cooking time and the texture of the pancakes. Some people prefer cast iron to aluminum because it heats up evenly.

Choose a pancake maker with non-stick surface. It is easier to maintain because you can cook and clean at ease.


For electric pancake maker, it is easy to operate. You just need to plug the device in, heat it up and start cooking. After finishing, unplug it from the socket and stow it.

Pancake makers that use gas are larger and require gas to operate. They are also challenging to transport.


Best pancake maker should be the one with high versatility.

A versatile device allows you to cook various menu. Apart from making pancakes, you can cook bacon, eggs, tortillas, flatbread, and other meals.

An appliance in use lasts longer. If it is left unused for a long time, it is likely to deteriorate.

Easy Usage

A device which is easy to be used would be better than a complicated one. A pancake maker should serve you well and simply, not requiring more actions to do.

Types of Pancake Maker

Normally there are two types of pancake maker used by a lot of people. They are stovetop pancake maker and electric pancake maker.

Stovetop Pancake Maker

Top 10 Best Pancake Maker for You to Choose

Stovetop pancake maker functions like a skillet or a frying pan. However, they are designed specifically for making pancakes with rounds on the surface, which is easy for you to make perfectly round pancakes.

When you make pancakes in a big quantity for the whole family, some stovetop pancake makers have molds so you can make a lot of pancakes at once.

With this type of pancake maker, you need to keep an eye at the pancakes since it has no temperature control or timer.

Electric Pancake Maker Machine

best pancake maker

An electric pancake maker needs an electric outlet to operate. It functions similarly to an electric waffle maker.

You connect the device to the power, heat it up and then start cooking.

This type of waffle and pancake maker includes temperature control options as well as a timer, making sure that your pancakes are cooked to perfection and not burned.

Top List of Best Pancake Maker

Following are some items of best pancake maker we think that you should not dismiss.

Dash 8” Express Electric Round Griddle for Pancakes Cookies Burgers

The first one of best pancake maker list is this Dash 8″ Express Electric pancake making machine.

Dash 8” Express Electric Round Griddle for Pancakes Cookies Burgers

With the portable and compact design, this one suits the most when you want to go camping or join in other outdoor activities. Its PFOA free non-stick surface supports fast heat-up and easy cleaning. Easy to use and ideal for dorms or apartments.

With this electric pancake maker, you can also make fried eggs, cookies, grilled cheese, burgers and quesadillas, various menu for your family to enjoy.

It is a multi-use device but suitable for small or single-serve meals.

You can quickly turn it on by plugging in. It heats up really fast and will be ready for cooking in just a few minutes.

Its advanced heating technology is to ensure consistent heat control. The anti-slip feet are to prevent sliding while working.

Top 10 Best Pancake Maker for You to Choose

This Dash 8” Express Round Griddle includes 1-year warranty, nonstick heating plates, recipe book and recipe database access.

Its weight is only 3 pounds and it comes in a compact size with a 8-inch-diameter. You can easily find a place to put it in the kitchen or carry it around without any difficulty.

Holstein Housewares Non-Stick Arepa Maker

The next best pancake maker is from Holstein Housewares. With 6 molds, you will not only make arepas easily but also tasty pancakes.

Holstein Housewares Non-Stick Arepa Maker

This Holstein Housewares Arepa maker is created for you to make 6 arepas at once at your own home without using pans, fryers or the oven. You can also use it to make pancakes, corncakes, cookies, or even baked eggs. Just put the batter on the maker’s plates and wait for a few minutes to enjoy the cakes.

Cooking and cleaning is easy with non-stick coated cooking surfaces. The outside is made of plastic, easy to wipe clean.

Built-in safety lock is to keep the machine stay closed while cooking and storing. The skid-resistant feet are to avoid sliding.

best pancake maker

The indicator lights are to give signal when it is preheating and when it is ready to cook.

The maker can be stored in vertical direction, saving space for your countertop area or the whole kitchen.

Cuisinart Pancake Maker Belgian Waffle Maker WAF-300P1

Cuisinart is not an uncommon name when it comes to pancake maker or waffle maker.

Cuisinart Pancake Maker Belgian Waffle Maker WAF-300P1

Apart from the waffle plate, the pancake plate with usually 4 molds on it allows you to make 4 pancakes in a row. For flawless and easy operation, there’s an adjustable temperature control with 6 browning levels, indication lights, and an audio beep.

It is considered to be one of best pancake maker due to the following things.

With 6 adjustable browning control settings and the audible alert, you can choose your pancakes’ particular cooking temperature.

Nonstick coated surface supports easily releasing and cleaning.

Top 10 Best Pancake Maker for You to Choose

The plates are removable and safe to dishwasher so you can have them cleaned simply and quickly.

It is BPA free and comes with a 3-year-warranty.

StarBlue Mini Pancake Maker

The next pancake maker is from StarBlue. It is a mini model.

StarBlue Mini Pancake Maker

Making 5 delicious pancakes at one time is what this StarBlue Mini Pancake Maker can do well. Non-stick plate, non-slip feet, locking system and the indicator lights of power and ready status are some of the exceptional features of this machine.

This best pancake maker from StarBlue has a temperature controlling knob which allows you to alter the temperature as needed.

It requires no disassembling before cleaning so it is very convenient to clean even when it is a little bit warm.

You can easily stow it in the cabinet or on the countertop since it can be folded and stand up right.

NutriChef Electric Griddle Crepe and Pancake Maker

NutriChef also offers high-quality crepe makers which can be pancake makers too.

NutriChef Electric Griddle Crepe and Pancake Maker

Make perfect breakfast for your beloved family with this NutriChef Electric Griddle Crepe and Pancake Maker. You can make pancakes, crepes, blintzes, cook bacons or eggs on it. It is safe for any countertop, tabletop, and kitchentop.

With the way it is designed, it serves best for making good crepes. However, it is also regarded to be one of best pancake maker due to its ability of producing tasty pancakes in a short time.

Its plate is made of aluminum and non-stick, making it easy to flip the cakes if necessary and to be cleaned.

This machine has high powered heating element. It has an adjustable rotary dial temperature control which helps to ensure the food is perfectly cooked.

An LED indicator is to let you know when the machine reaches the desired temperature.

Top 10 Best Pancake Maker for You to Choose

In fact, this machine is not so big that you can’t transport it. You can still take it along on going camping if you want.

It can also provide an ultra quiet operation.

Health and Home No Edge Pancake and Crepe Maker

This Health and Home No Edge pancake maker is easy to use.

Health and Home No Edge Pancake and Crepe Maker

Make your own pancakes at home with this Health and Home No Edge Pancake and Crepe Maker. It is very easy to use. The aluminum plate can heat up really fast and the adjustable temperature knob allows you to control the temperature of the machine.

The powerful heating element of 1000 watt can heat up in a real quick and help you make pancakes quickly.

It has a non-stick coating plate of 13 inches. Cleaning is easy and it also allows you to make various kinds of meals on it.

The temperature controlling knob functions well, making sure your pancakes will not be burnt.

When the cooking plate reaches the desired temperature, the red and green indication lights illuminate.

FRUITEAM Griddle Pan Pancake Pan Nonstick 10″ Pancake Maker

This FRUITEAM pancake maker comes with PFOA free surface, safe for your health.

FRUITEAM Pancake Pan Nonstick 10″ Pancake Maker

Making delicious pancakes with this FRUITEAM Nonstick 10 Inch Pancake Maker in not over 5 minutes. Its PFOA free, non-stick and stain resistant surface ensures that you can enjoy an optimal cooking experience.

With 7 built-in molds, you can easily cook 7 pancakes at one time. Its non-stick surface allows you to flip and release the cakes at ease.

Also, with the marble material, you do not have to put a lot of oil to cook, which is healthy for you and your family.

Its body is made of aluminum which is a sturdy material, ensuring that it will not be deformed easily.

In addition, this FRUITEAM pan is designed with no rivet and stay-cool Bakelite handle. The stay-cool bakelite handle has an impressive capacity of heat insulation.

Plus, it comes with a 1-year-warranty.

EZJOB Pancake Molds for Kids Pancake Griddle Grill Pan

This pan has 7 molds with cute animals on them. Your kids will love pancakes made on it.

EZJOB Pancake Molds for Kids Pancake Griddle Grill Pan

Your kids must love this EZJOB pancake maker since it can cook many pancakes with lovely animals on them. This pan is certified to be PFOA free, lead free, you can feel assured to eat foods cooked on it.

The pan is made of aluminum alloy material so it is completely non-stick, making it easy for you to cook pancakes and release them to enjoy. Also no need to add much oil for cooking.

Besides, the aluminum alloy material supports the fast heat transfer, allowing it to cook faster.

The handle is made of silicone, it will keep cool on the stovetop while you cook.

You can consider to give it as a present on birthdays of your beloved one or on Mothers Day for example. This best pancake maker is a practical gift that everyone will find it useful.

Gourmia GPA9540 Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan

With 7 cute smiley faces, you can make a more enjoyable breakfast for your family, especially the kids, they will love it.

Gourmia GPA9540 Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan

Make beautiful pancakes with smiley faces with this Gourmia GPA9540 Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan. Its die-cast aluminum alloy material and double layer non-stick surface will ensure efficiency in cooking.

You know, a happy breakfast can produce more positive energy for people. And a best pancake maker should be able to do that.

You can cook with confidence, since this pan has a non-stick coating that is completely PFOA free, resulting in beautiful, safe, and delicious pancakes.

Top 10 Best Pancake Maker for You to Choose

The exterior covering is made of a high-temperature resistant substance that keeps your pan safe and intact even when you cook at high temperature.

The die-cast aluminum alloy material ensures that the pan is not easily deformed or damaged so you can use it for long.

Zulay 7 Animal Face Two Bonus Spatulas Ceramic Pancake Pan

Designed with 7 different animal shape molds (cat, sheep, turtle, owl, cow, elephant & llama), your kids will definitely love when they see them and enjoy eating.

Zulay 7 Animal Face Two Bonus Spatulas Ceramic Pancake Pan

Make little pancakes at ease with this Zulay pancake pan. It is packed in a set which includes free accessories to assist you in creating the most fun and adorable pancakes to your children or people you love. 1 spoon spatula, 1 shovel spatula, 1 screwdriver, and 2 screws are included in the package.

Made of high-quality die-cast aluminum with a black double-layer non-stick inside, this pan can produce tasty and well cooked pancakes.

Moreover, it is designed with a black heat resistant exterior surface, as well as a soft red silicone to grip.

The surface is non-stick so you can cook without worrying that the pancakes will stick to the pan and hard to release.


Do you need a pancake maker?

It is undeniable that pancake makers are useful devices. If you want to make quick breakfast or if you are just a pancake lover, it might be an essential kitchenware.

A best pancake maker can help you make a pancake in a short time with high quality.

You pour the batter in, wait for the machine to heat up then wait for just a few minutes to enjoy the cakes after the machine finishes cooking.

You also need a pancake maker to carry along when you go on a camping. Some models are small enough to easily take along.

Is there a pancake maker like a waffle maker?

Yes, there is. One of them is the Cuisinart Waffle Maker. It is mainly used to make waffles. However, if you want to make pancakes, you can replace the relative plate to cook.

It can cook pancakes with the same high quality as waffles.

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So we have introduced to you some of the best pancake maker that you might need to make perfect pancakes to enjoy.

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