List of Carrot Cutting Machine that You Will Need

KitchenLowCost today will bring you the introduction to some carrot cutting machine for you to optimize your experience in food preparation.

Different Ways to Cut Carrots

Carrot is none of an uncommon type of vegetables to us. Everybody eats it and uses it to cook many delicious dishes.

There are various ways to cut carrots. The simplest way must be slicing it into thin or thick slices depending on your interest.

However, there are still a lot of creative cutting ways that we would like to share with you as follows.

  • Rounds, half-moons, and wedges
carrot cutting machine
  • Sticks, julienne, and dice
List of Carrot Cutting Machine that You Will Need
  • Carrot chunks
carrot cutting machine

Carrot Cutter Knife

Apart from carrot cutter machine, we also have carrot cutter knives that look smaller and simpler. Before introducing carrot cutting machine, we have some recommendations in case you want to know what knife to cut carrots.

Antrader Stainless Steel Carrot Wavy Chopper Cutter

This cutter is durable and environmentally friendly, since it is made of high-quality ABS plastic and 430 stainless steel. It’s perfect for homemade potato chips, vegetables, or melon slices. It is small so you can clean and store it easily.

HIC Wavy Crinkle Cutting Knife

The wavy blade is for cutting fruit, making waffle fries, and pickle chips, making a quick egg salad, and making elegant garnishes for lovely food decoration. The stainless steel blade is strong and resilient for effortless slicing. It is easy to use and to clean under flowing water.

Patelai 2 Pieces Crinkle Cutters for Vegetable Stainless Steel Wavy Slicers

You can get 2 cutters in a row with only a low price. Use this cutter to make wavy slicers or lovely garnishes for your meals, improving the taste of the food when you enjoy it. These crinkle cutters are made of stainless steel to last long. The ergonomic wooden handle is designed to fit your hand and gives you a safe and non-slip grasping experience.

Generic Carrot Chopping Knife

Durable stainless steel blade and anti-slip plastic handle will help you effortlessly slice and give a secure grasping experience. This knife is manufactured with vacuum titanium ion plating technology. The electroplated titanium film on its surface could enhance rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Notice not to put the knife into the dishwasher since the titanium film on the surface may get ruined, which will lead to the rusty condition.

Why You Should Use Carrot Cutting Machine?

So what benefits that a carrot cutting machine brings that make you feel that you should have one?


The outstanding reason why you should use a carrot cutting machine is that it saves time.

Even though cutting carrots, vegetables or other items is not difficult to do, it still requires a pretty long time to cut them properly. You don’t want to accidentally cut your fingers if you cut them so fast.

Cutting by hands also requires you to use hand and arm muscles. If you have to prepare food for a lot of people, you might suffer from hand pain if you have to cut the items for a long.

A carrot slicing machine will assist you well since it can cut the ingredients quickly and efficiently. You just need to use little labor to get the carrots cut.


If you use a carrot cutting machine, you can make uniformized carrot cuts that look better. Cutting by hands might not always produce cuts of similar sizes and thicknesses.

Different blades

One carrot cutting machine can come with many blades with different functions.

Whether you want thin or thick slices, dice, wedges, grater cuts or juliennes, or shredders, just select the model with blades that can meet your needs.

No problems with knives

With a carrot cutting machine, bad knife skills are eliminated. You don’t have to worry about cutting and chopping because the machine takes care of everything.

Simple cleaning and maintenance

To clean, you just need to place the device under running water. A brush can be used if you want to fully remove all the residue from the ingredients.

A standard carrot cutting machine does not take so much space so you can easily store it in your kitchen.

Electric Carrot Slicer Machine

There are some of reliable electric carrot cutting machine that we would like to introduce to you as below.

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Vegetable Spiralizer & Slicer

This electric carrot slicer machine can cut veggies or particularly carrots into linguine or ribbons thanks to its 3 changeable cones.

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Vegetable Spiralizer & Slicer

Make healthy and tasty vegetable salad with this carrot cutter electric machine. Within a short time, you can create 6 cups of lovely spiralizers, ribbons and linguine which are hold in a big bowl to make food for your whole family.

This spiralizer is large 2.5″ round chute and fits the whole zucchini, cucumbers and squash. No need to precut the ingredients.

The food pusher’s metal food grip securely holds the items to create stunning spirals.

Gently push the items through after switching the motor on. The machine will take care of the rest. Hand cranking isn’t required.

It is dishwasher safe since the parts are removable. If you wash the cones by hand, a cleaning brush is provided for quick cleanup.

This carrot cutter electric machine includes many parts: the bowl, the cutting cones, cleaning brush, but they can be stored neatly and do not take much space.

NutriChef Electric 3-in-1 Vegetable Processor

This vegetable processor from NutriChef will give you a decent cutting experience.

NutriChef Electric 3-in-1 Vegetable Processor

Quickly make carrot or other veggie spiralizers to make a delicious salad dishes with this NutriChef vegetable processor. Using an electric carrot slicer machine, you can save more time and labor.

3 changeable stainless steel blades allow you to slice, chop, and make spirals for salads, vegetable garnishes, pastas, and noodles, and so on.

It features a simple electronic plug in design with 3.3 ft power cord length, safe for countertop or tabletop placement.

Also, a beaker is provided to collect cut and spiralized ingredients. The bottle is also big enough to hold a lot of spiralizers.

The food plunger, feeder chute, cutting blades, drive sleeve, and beaker are all removable for cleaning.

Except for the main unit, you can wash other parts in warm soapy water, wait for them to completely dry and then store them.

Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

This Presto electric slicer/shredder is easy to use.

Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

This electric slicer is also a salad shooter. Just point and shoot where you want to place the cut ingredients so that you don’t need to clean extra bowls or food containers. It is perfect for shredding cheese, slicing veggies and fruits for salads. You can also make super shreds for stir-fry and coleslaw, makes bread cookie and cracker crumbs.

This electric cutter machine comes with a powerful engine.

It provides replaceable cones for thick slices, ripple slices, medium shreds, and super shreds, letting you make various shapes and sizes of the ingredients.

A funnel guide is included for directing ingredients.

carrot cutting machine

This professional salad shooter works with a power of approximately 114-watt.

The big food chamber is for you to put the whole cucumber or potatoe in without precutting.

The motorized base is easy to wipe clean. Other parts are all safe to dishwasher.

VEVOR Electric Food Slicer

This heavy duty food slicer is more suitable to be used in restaurants.

VEVOR Electric Food Slicer

This electric food slicer is made of 304 stainless steel. The 100W powerful motor makes it much efficient to slice food 330 lbs per hour. Thickness can be adjusted from 0.1-0.4 inches to make various dishes. You can make it work manually or electrically as you want. 4 non-slip feet and 2 lockable devices are to keep the machine stable while working since its working speed is high.

This VEVOR electric carrot slicer machine belongs to high-end types of food cutting machinery.

Its powerful 100W motor supports high-speed rotation. For example, at a time, you can put 8 lemons in the food carrier. In one hour, it can slice 330 pounds of food into slices.

You can use it to slice various kinds of foods, vegetables, fruits, melons, frozen meat, deli meat, ginger, garlic, and so on. This slicer machine is big and can be used more in restaurants.

It can be used both manually and electrically, which is a special thing.

If you usually use it with electricity, you take out the connecting shaft and install the handle to change it to the manual mode. Press the switch to go back to the electric mode.

Non-electric Carrot Cutting Machine

In this part, we will give recommendation of non-electric carrot cutting machine. With these items, you need to manually operate it without the assistance of electricity.

Ourokhome Manual Rotary Vegetable Grater

This Ourokhome manual vegetable grater will not only help you cut ingredients faster but also help to beautify your kitchen.

Ourokhome Manual Rotary Vegetable Grater

Get your carrot cut easily and quickly with this Ourokhome vegetable grater. With 3 drum blades it provides, you can get carrot slicers, coarse and fine shredders. You don’t need to worry about accidentally cutting your fingers while using thanks to the food pusher. Its outside is made of 100% BPA free and the blades are made of stainless steel.

The first non-electric carrot cutting machine is Ourokhome Manual Rotary Vegetable Grater.

The prominent feature of this machine is the food pusher. You basically rotate the handle to cut carrot after putting carrot in.

This pusher protects your hands by keeping them away from the blades while in use.

A large suction cup keeps this carrot slicer steady while being used. You can save much labor since the base can be absorbed on a clean and flat surface.

3 drum blades allow you to make carrot slicers, coarse shredders and fine shredders.

Moreover, this Ourokhome carrot slicer is simple to be detached and cleaned. You just need to put in under running water and rinse it.

Plus, the entire machine comes with a 90-day guarantee, and the clear barrel can be replaced for free for 365 days.

Zyliss 4 in 1 Slicer Grater

This Zyliss 4 in 1 grater is lightweight and simple to use.

Zyliss 4 in 1 Slicer Grater

This plastic multifunctional slicer or grater can help you prepare food quicker and more efficiently. Its 4 interchangeable blades, lightweightness and non-slip grip at the foot are great features to give you better slicers and secure grasping experience.

The slicer body is made from plastic, as you can see, while 4 interchangeable blades are made of stainless steel. They are sharp enough to give you thin and thick quick slices, fine and coarse grater cuts.

The smooth-glide pusher is manufactured with a unique wedge for securing food in place without causing damage.

Its lightweightness, non-slip grip on its foot, bowl rest and handle are the useful features optimizing your using experience.

Since it is made of plastic, it is dishwasher safe so you can have it washed in the dishwasher at ease.

One plus of this multi purpose vegetable slicer is that you can stack the blades neatly and store it easily.

VEKAYA Stainless Steel Vegetable Slicer

This VEKAYA vegetable slicer is stainless steel and comes in an ergonomic design.

VEKAYA Stainless Steel Vegetable Slicer

This multifunctional mandoline slicer will be a helpful assistant in food preparation. With VEKAYA slicer, you can make well cut slices or shredders for perfect salad easily even if you are just a beginner. The stainless steel and non-slip rubber base provide optimal using experience.

It offers multiple cutting types such as round slicer from thin to thick, 2 julienne slicer settings which are 4.5mm and 9mm.

This mandoline slicer is made of top-quality stainless steel with sharp blades. It is not easily bent or deformed thanks to the strong design.

If you worry about touching the blade, this mandoline slicer set also includes a safe hand holder and a pair of cutting resistant gloves to protect you from injury.

Using the food holder is recommended when you slice. It holds the ingredients tight and protects your fingers from being cut.

The non-slip rubber foot ensures stability while in use.

It is also disassembled and washed at ease. It can be folded flat to be kept in a drawer.

Weston Professional French Fry Cutter and Vegetable Dicer

If you want a slicer with unique design, this Weston might be a good choice.

Weston Professional French Fry Cutter and Vegetable Dicer

Make restaurant-quality fries at your home with this Weston professional cutter machine. Its unique design allows you to mount it on the wall, saving more space in kitchen. With this machine, you can make quick and easy meal preparation. Beside potatoes, use it to cut and dice fruits and veggies like onions, zucchini, apples and more.

The 3/8″ cutting blade is perfect to cut french fries. Stainless steel material ensures maximum durability and lifespan. You don’t need to worry about rust or corrosion.

Moreover, it has additional cutting blades of 1/4″, 1/2″ and wedge size for you to change in case you need.

The suction cup feet prevents the machine from slipping when it is used on the countertop or table.

Plus, you can place this machine on the wall thanks to its unique design. If you wish to minimize space and provide best convenience of use, mount the cutter vertically to the wall.

Pulling down the handle is an easy and ergonomic movement to get the items cut.

List of Carrot Cutting Machine that You Will Need
List of Carrot Cutting Machine that You Will Need


Which cutting tool should I use to slice a carrot?

To slice a carrot, you can use many different tools. The simplest must be using a knife. You easily find a knife to cut a carrot in your kitchen.

With a knife, you can cut a carrot into thin or thick slices, julienne cuts, chop or dice cuts or even carrot chunks for stew recipes.

In addition, of course, you can use a vegetable slicer with multifunctions to cut carrots in various shapes and sizes and thicknesses.

Carrot cutting machine price

After searching from many websites, we have come to a conclusion that the price of carrot cutting machine ranges from over $10 at the minimum to hundreds or thousands of dollars at the maximum.

For some models with simpler structure and performance, the price is cheaper and vice versa, models with more functions and higher productivity will have higher price range.

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