Full Accurate Information About Cuisinart Crepe Maker

Among different brands supplying electric crepe makers on the market nowadays, Cuisinart crepe maker is still considered as an outstanding product. In this article, KitchenLowCost will provide you with accurate product information about it for you.

Impressive Features of Cuisinart Crepe Maker

Below are some outstanding features of Cuisinart crepe maker you should know.


Cuisinart crepe maker with removable plates allows you to make different types of food such as pizzelle pancakes, tortillas blintzes, traditional or Swedish pancakes, etc.

So with one unit, you could enjoy a full breakfast with your family or friends. It is super convenient and easy for cooking every day.

However, each type has different recipes, you should read the recipe booklet carefully to know the exact time and also the amount of batter to give the best results.

Cuisinart crepe maker

Nonstick Feature

All plates of Cuisinart crepe maker are reversible nonstick. This feature helps you create full round-shaped crepes and also makes them easy to clean after every use.

There are falt side and pizzelle side. The flat side is perfect for pancakes, crêpes, tortillas, and any other flatbreads. While the pizzelle side is for preparing pizzelles and mini ice-cream cones.

In addition, these nonstick plates are removable and then put into soapy water or dishwasher.

However, to maintain the non-stick coating, you should clean them regularly. This failure may cause hard to remove build-up formed over time.

The material that makes up the cooking surface layer also affects the level of nonstick and its durability. The best materials for it should be enameled cast iron or cast aluminum.

Easy Settings

Except for adjustable temperature control like other units, Cuisinart crepe maker also has time settings.
There are three temperature levels for you to choose from which are low, medium, and high.

For the timer setting, they give you the amount of time for each type like crepes, tortillas, and pizzelles. Manual settings are from 0 to 3 minutes.

The red indicator light illuminates with the aim to show you when the unit is on. And the green indicator light comes on when it is ready to cook or eat.

Attractive Bonus

There are many bonuses with this unit such as a measuring scoop, tongs, and mini ice-cream cone roller.

The measuring cup has dual-sized with 1⁄3 cup (75 ml) and 1 tablespoon (15 ml) capacities.

Tongs help easy to remove food. Or you could freely enjoy homemade ice cream with a mini ice-cream cone roller.

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Warranty Period

Cuisinart crepe maker has a 3-year warranty period. This warranty covers manufacturer’s defects including mechanical and electrical defects.

However, you should take note that it has been designed for use only in 120-volt outlets and only with authorized accessories and replacement parts.

You should contact manufacturers or suppliers to find out more about the warranty policy.

Something You May Not Love about This Unit

The only drawback of this unit is not to make pancakes very well. The temperature should be hotter to create good pancakes, and sometimes Cuisinart crepe maker could not reach the desired temperature.

It seems that you may take a longer time to make pizzelles or pancakes. One hint for that is to lock lids carefully during cooking.

Additionally, it is not suitable to be considered as a waffle maker becasue the pockets of the side are not deep.

Tips and Hints

All you need to know about Cuisinart crepe maker

The temperature control is used to set to maintain the temperature of the surface. You could turn the knob the change it anytime during cooking.

You also could use Cuisinart’s preset temperatures for crepes, pizzelle, and tortillas.

Each type requires a particular cooking time. To give the best results, you should read the recipe booklet thoroughly. The timer is just activated in the locked closed position.

For the fastest preheat, it is recommended to preheat in the closed position. Be careful when removing the unit in different directions.

It could be stored in the vertical position with the control panel facing down. For compact storage, cords, and plates inserted are wrapped around the back of the unit.

The special latching feature allows it to stay close during storage.

Helpful Tips for Crepe Making

Always rest batter in a refrigerator before cooking. You should set a time of at least 30 minutes for this process, but a long time or overnight is the best.

This process will help the gluten in the flour relax and the starch molecules to fully absorb the liquid. A cooler and rested batter will prevent overflowing.

The best temperature for crepes is the preset (medium). But if you want them darker or lighter, the temperature needs to be adjusted.


How to Maintain and Clean Cuisinart Crepe Maker

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Here are some notes you should consider when cleaning Cuisinart crepe maker:

  • Never use sharp tools to clean the plates because they will destroy the nonstick layer. Instead, you could replace them with the provided tongs or wooden or heat-proof plastic utensils.
  • Never let plastic utensils come into direct contact with hot cooking surface, just use the provided tongs.

Now we will show you some simple and detailed instructions for cleaning:

  1. Allow the unit to cool down (at least 30 minutes) before cleaning.
  2. After finishing the cooking process, you unplug and wait 30 minutes for it to cool down.
  3. Then press the button to remove plates out of the housing. The plates, measuring scoop, and tongs are also dishwasher safe, the wooden mini ice cream cone roller should be hand-washed.
  4. To clean the exterior, use a dampened cloth and wide gently. Avoid making electric parts become wet, you had better dry everything before storage to avoid odors.

Do I Have to Season The Cooking Surface?

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Source: Fado

The International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus has been treated with a special nonstick coating. So you just should apply a layer of flavorless vegetable oil before using it.

You could season the plates with a paper towel or pastry brush. This would be much helpful later on.

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