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What should I look for in a salt and pepper grinder?

When opting for a salt and pepper grinder, what would you need to look at?

gold salt and pepper grinder

Manual vs Electric

Salt and pepper grinders can come in manual or electric operation mode.

Models that operate in manual mode require you to grab and twist the grinder with your hands.

Some people might think that electric salt and pepper grinders will grind faster but in fact, it turns out to be vice versa. These electric grinders take a little bit longer time than manual models do to produce freshly ground spices.

They usually grind automatically when you press and hold down a button on the device.

Electric salt and pepper grinders are more expensive than the manual ones. If you want to find a device which is budget-friendly and works really efficiently, we recommend opting for a manual grinder.

On the other hand, if you want to have a new and interesting grinding experience, choosing an electric model is still not a bad option.

Size and capacity

Next, you should look at the size and capacity of the grinders.

Selecting the right size will help you have a good grip of the grinder. Selecting the suitable capacity will help you grind as much spices as you want.

Extra-large grinders might be great options for some people, while others want to get something smaller.

Grinders with low capacity will require you to refill many times and that might cause annoyance. If you and your family often enjoy food with salt or peppers, get one with high capacity to use it more conveniently.


Salt and pepper grinders can be made of different materials.

  • Acrylic: Salt and pepper grinders can be made of acrylic. It might look like glass at the first sight but it is not as sturdy as glass. Acrylic material might scratch and discolor over time. Its plus point is that you can see clearly the inside to know how much spices is left.
  • Glass: Glass is one of the most common materials salt and pepper grinders are made of. Glass is more durable since it is not damaged by salt. Being transparent so it is easy to see the inside like the acrylic. It is fragile so be careful when using.
  • Metal: There are a lot of salt and pepper grinders made of metal. This material is durable and has modern look. Stainless steel takes account the majority but copper variants are also available. However, salt grinders are not entirely constructed of metal because salt corrodes metals.
  • Wood: Wood salt and pepper grinders would make good choices if you want traditional-looking grinders. They are robust and durable, but cleaning them can be difficult because wood is porous and can absorb fluids and hold stains.

Ease of use

Usually, a salt and pepper grinder is a small device in kitchen. With how small it looks, it should also be easy to use.

When choosing salt and pepper grinders, select the ones allowing you to quickly and easily grind your salt and pepper. Besides, they should also be simple to refill, having ample slots for unground salt and pepper.

Best Gold Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Now we are going to explore some gold salt and pepper grinder set. In this list, we will include the items that are made of gold material and the ones having gold color.

PJCKitchen Gold Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

The first set of gold salt and pepper grinder is from PJCKitchen brand.

PJCKitchen Gold Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

This high-quality golden stainless steel salt pepper grinders set operates manually. With its gorgeous and unique look, it is a stylish addition to your dining table or kitchen area.

This brass salt and pepper grinder set has no predefined settings. With the high-quality ceramic blades, the grinding mechanism can be adjusted from fine to coarse.

The ceramic grinder is odor-resistant and non-corrosive. Because the grinder is on top, there’s no need to worry about pepper or salt spilling on the counter.

To change the coarseness, you simply turn the grinder head.

The glass jars are for containing the salt and pepper. They are clear so you can see how much spices left inside and easy to be opened and refilled thanks to wide opening.

The glass jar’s capacity is around 3/4 cup of spices.

This set has dimensions of 6.77 x 5.67 x 3.19 inches and weigh at 1.32 pounds.

Cole & Mason H332017 Gold Salt and Pepper Mills

This gold salt and pepper grinder set from Cole&Mason is one of the Amazon’s Choice.

Cole & Mason H332017 Gold Salt and Pepper Mills

The Cole & Mason Derwent salt and pepper mills strike the ideal blend of modern design, timeless beauty, and high performance. They are made of clear acrylic and stainless steel, and they are an attractive addition to any home.

The set’s dimensions are 2.36 x 2.36 x 7.48 inches and its weight is 1.38 pounds.

With 3 pre-selected grind settings for salt and 6 ones for pepper, from coarse to fine, you will always get the optimum grind size for every dish.

The Cole & Mason Gourmet Precision+ mechanisms ensure maximum output, with carbon steel for pepper releasing more flavor every turn and sharp ceramic for salt.

You can wipe clean it with a wet cloth and use a clean cloth to dry.

Using cleaning products is not highly recommended. Neither is soaking the grinders in water.

VEVOK CHEF Gold Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

The third gold salt and pepper grinder set is from VEVOK CHEF brand.

VEVOK CHEF Gold Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

These grinders are composed of non-corrosive stainless steel and sodelime glass. It will be a welcome addition to your kitchen or dining table. The golden tone of the grinder lid elevates the salt and pepper mill set above other styles.

The spice can be ground fine to coarse using the ceramic grinding mechanism. It also won’t absorb the spice’s flavor.

These grinders from VEVOK CHEF are suited for various spices, such as salt crystal, Himalayan salt, black peppercorn and so on.

These salt and pepper grinders comes with a sealed stainless steel lid that keeps moisture and dust out.

This set is easy to use with grinding mechanism on the top. Just need to turn the knob to modify coarseness and twist the body to grind.

Kyraton Gold Salt and Pepper Grinders Set

Next, we have a gold salt and pepper grinder set from Kyraton.

Kyraton Gold Salt and Pepper Grinders Set

The stainless steel pepper mill and salt mill are attractive and fashionable, and they are perfect for any kitchen or table.

The stainless steel grinding plates will not rust or dull and can grind whole leaf spices, peppercorns, or sea salt from coarse to fine very well.

With the design like this, you can maintain the freshness of your favorite ground spices since they are kept away from moisture and dust.

This gold salt mill and pepper mill set has dimensions of 5.87 x 4.49 x 2.4 inches and it would make a great gift set in special occasions such as housewarming.

MOOGCO Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

Another set of gold salt and pepper grinder is this MOOGCO one.

MOOGCO Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

This product is fantastic for adding flavor to your meals or keeping as a decorative object while not in use in the kitchen.

These salt and pepper grinders are versatile. They can be used to grind a variety of herbs and grains. Black pepper, cumin, cardamom, and a variety of other herbs work well in the mill.

Large grains, such as corn, are not suited. Wet grains are not suitable as well.

With the screws on top, you can modify the size of the grinder.

The salt and pepper mill have their body and blades made of high-quality cast metal. Their lifespan can last long due to the sturdy build.

This set includes the big mill 4.2 x 1.9 inches, the little mill 3.15 x 1.57 inches and a measuring spoon 3.15 x 0.8 inches.

Vucchini Rose Gold Salt Pepper Grinder Mill

This set consists of salt and pepper grinder mills in rose gold color.

Vucchini Rose Gold Salt Pepper Grinder Mill

This salt pepper grinder set works in manual mode and it can add more style for your kitchen or dining table as decorative item.

Special airtight lids and a grinding mechanism on the top of these salt and pepper grinders will keep spices fresh and long lasting, also making sure that salt and pepper only wind up on your food.

The ceramic grinders are non-corrosive and adjustable. You can adjust the coarseness from coarse to fine.

These salt and pepper grinder measures 5.3 inches in height and 2.6 inches in width, perfect size for home kitchen use.

When it’s time to refill, just unscrew the stainless steel metal top, which has a wide aperture for a mess-free refill.

Fockety Manual Stainless Steel Salt Pepper Grinder

One more gold salt and pepper grinder is this Fockety model.

Fockety Manual Stainless Steel Salt Pepper Grinder

With only one device you can have both freshly-ground salt and pepper.

The pepper mill’s ceramic rotor is more wear-resistant than other similar goods, and the stainless steel grinder can grind practically any type of spice.

This brass salt and pepper grinder is easy to use and to adjust. To set the desired thickness of the spices, just need to twist the top ball, tightening it is fine, loosening it is thick.

It comes in dimensions of 7.1 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches.

With a compact size, it can be easily stowed in kitchen drawers or cabinets.

Remember to close the lid after using to maintain the quality of the salt and pepper as well as possible.

LaModaHome Gold Manual Hand Grinder Mill

And the last one is this LaModaHome gold salt and pepper grinder. It operates in manual mode.

LaModaHome Gold Manual Hand Grinder Mill

This is a Turkish handmade traditional black pepper, salt, spice and coffee grinder mill.

This Turkish pepper grinder is really easy to use. Just need to simply turn the grinder over the food.

Grinding mechanism maximizes flavor and aroma.

When you refill, place the spices individually through the aperture in the top.


Can salt grinders be used for pepper?

Yes, you can use salt grinders for producing ground peppers. However, it depends on model and you need to search carefully about the item you want to buy before deciding.

Normally, a salt mill’s operations are designed to break down huge salt particles into smaller bits.

Salt is softer than pepper, and salt grinders like the polyamide ones aren’t tough enough to crack through pepper. Ceramic salt grinders, on the other hand, are more durable and can also grind pepper.

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