How to Operate Whirpool Dishwasher: Best Instruction to Save Your Time

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How to operate Whirpool dishwasher

Whirpool is a renowned multinational company in manufacturing and providing kitchen appliances. So you could be assured of its quality and design. Also, Whirpool also ensures to bring a pleasant experience for users. In this article, KitchenLowCost will show you how to operate Whirpool dishwasher. Let’s discover it right now!

Prepare and Load the Dishwasher

The first thing you need to do is to fill dishware into racks. Here are some types of popular racks in a dishwasher. 

Upper Rack 

Load delicate and light dishes: glasses, cups, saucers, low salad bowls.

  • Adjust the height of the upper rack 

You can adjust racks in some ways: making them down to create more space for larger items as well as moving it up to avoid the collision. If you want to lower its position, you just need to press the A levers button at the side of the rack and move it downwards. 

Remember not to adjust it when dishwashers are loaded, you should not raise or lower the basket on one side only.

  • Foldable flaps with adjustable positions

Foldable flaps are designed in order to optimize space in a dishwasher. You can fold or unfold it to create the right space for your items. In particular, wine glasses would be placed safely by inserting the stem of each glass into the corresponding slots.

How to operate Whirpool dishwasher

Lower Rack 

For pots, lids, plates, salad bowls, cutlery, and so on. Large plates and lids should be placed on the sides of the rack to avoid interferences with the spray arms.

A cutlery basket which is usually upper the lower track could be used for the contain of utensils and cutlery. Sharp items like forks, knives could be put here horizontally in the tip-up compartments with their points facing down.

Third Rack 

Third rack is above the upper rack with the aim of making the most of the space above. Flatware, utensils, measuring cups, and much more could be loaded here in order to clean them better.

This is an innovation that most modern dishwashers equip with. It is also adjustable, folded and flexible to accommodate any kind of load.

Add Detergent 

In order to open a detergent dispenser, you use the opening device C. Then you could put directly the amount of detergent into the tub. Remember to just put detergent into the dry dispenser D only.

There are detergent products that come in premeasured forms (gel packs, tablets, or powder packs). They are designed specifically for dishwashers. So you should consider buying them. Because using the wrong detergent can also lead to malfunction and damage to your dishwasher.

Tablets and packs are recommended using for convenience and improved performance. As they are proven to minimize white film on the surface of dishes, especially glass.

Learn how to operate Whirpool dishwasher

Add Rinse Aid

Rinse aid support greatly the drying system. It not only speeds up this process but also helps your dishes have a sleek appearance. To add rinse aid, turn the dispenser cap ¼ turn counterclockwise, and lift off. Pour rinse aid into the opening until the indicator level is at “Full.” Replace the dispenser cap and turn to “Lock.” Make sure the cap is fully locked. 

If you are not satisfied with the drying result, you could adjust by pressing the button P to choose the level of rinse aid quantity you want.

If your dishwasher is set up to 1 (ECO), no rinse aid will be supplied.

The Low Rinse Aid indicator will not be lit if there is out of rinse aid in the dishwasher. When you see blue streaks on dishes, adjust it to a low number (2-3). If there are drops of water or limescale marks, you could set a mid-range number (4-5).

Select a Cycle

Whirpool dishwasher includes 6 cycle options:

  • Eco

This mode is the best choice for saving energy and water consumption. It is suitable for soiled tableware and helps clean them perfectly. Its design also complies with EU Ecodesign legislation.

It will take you quite a while if you choose this mode (approximately 3 hours 20 minutes). However, to complete this cycle, it just consumes 12 liters/cycle and 1.04 kWh/cycle.

  • Intensive

This cycle work best for heavily soiled cookery, it can handle big items such as pans and sauce pans as well as clean them thoroughly. Because of this feature, you should not choose this mode for delicate items. It makes take you 2 hours 30 minutes to complete the cycle. 

Show you how to operate Whirpool dishwasher
  • Mixed  

You can choose this mode for normally soiled dishes with dried food residues. You may spend 2 hours 25 minutes waiting for this cycle to finish. 

  • Rapid 30’ 

This cycle does not include the drying process. This is suitable to work with lightly-soiled dishes with no dried food residues. 

  • Pre-wash

When your dishes are full of leftovers and you want to pre-wash them before putting them into the washing process. This is a mode you can choose from. It only takes 10 minutes to take food residues away.

Select Options

Thes options are all available on the control panel, so you just need to press buttons and wait. However, sometimes these options are not compatible with the current cycle. Then the corresponding LED flashes rapidly 3 times and beeps will sound. The option will not be enabled. 

  • Half-load 

In case you don’t have too many dishes washed, this mode could be chosen. It will help you save much water, energy, and detergent.

  • Keylock 

A long press of 3 seconds of the half-load button will activate this function. 

Keylock helps you block the control panel, it means that you will not activate other buttons until deactivating the keylock function. In order to deactivate it, you just need to have a long press.

  • Water tap closed – Alarm

This function will alarm you when there is no inlet water or the water tap is closed.

Instructions to you how to operate Whirpool dishwasher
  • Sani rinse 

This function supports making water become hotter at the end of the rinsing process and reducing bacteria in dishes.

Moreover, this function is added to the current program and makes water become hotter at the end of the rinsing process and supports reducing bacteria in dishes.

You should keep the door closed to let this process work effectively. Besides, please be careful because dishes may be very hot at the end of the cycle.

  • Tablet 

A long press (3 seconds) of Sanni rinse button will activate this function. This setting helps you optimize the performance of your dishwashers depending on each type of detergent. 

  • Delay

The period of time for delay lasts between 0:30 and 24 hours. Press the START/PAUSE button: the timer will begin counting down. If this time elapses, the light will light off and the program will automatically run again.

  • Drain out 

When you stop or cancel the current program, the Drain out function will activate. It will help drain water outside the dishwasher.

Follow the Progress of Your Dishwasher

The full-lit display will show what phase your machine is in: wash, drain, dry, sanitized, and clean. It also shows the remaining time of each cycle in hours and in minutes.

You can select the desired program by pressing the Cycles button. When you press this button, the next available cycle will appear.

Start or Resume a Cycle

If you want to operate your dishwasher, you need to push the door and keep it in 3 seconds and then press Start/Resume button. In case the door is not firmly closed, LED light will light up and inform you, an audible tone will be heard, and the cycle will not start.

If you open the door to add more dishes or during the delayed time, you still need to press this button each time.

End of Wash Cycle 

When all cycles are over, you will be informed by the beep sound and the display will show End. Then you could open the door and switch off the appliance by pressing On/Off button. 

When taking dishes out of the rack, you should take note of loading the upper rack before and then the lower one. Especially, let’s wait for a few minutes so as to avoid burns.

How to operate Whirpool dishwasher

How to Deal with Troubles When Operating Whirpool Dishwasher

Here are some common problems you easily have when using a Whirpool dishwasher and we also show you some effect solutions for them.

How Could You Handle When the Dishwasher Makes Excessive Noise?

There are 2 main reasons for this situation. First, the excessive noise of dishwashers is due to the incorrect arrangement of cookery inside the dishwasher.

This causes the dishes to bump into each other during the washing process. To fix this, you need to review how to load dishes into racks correctly. 

The second reason is that you use an inaccurate amount of detergent or the detergent is not suitable for the machine.

This will produce an excessive amount of foam which causes a lot of noise during washing. To deal with it, you need to drain out and then choose a new program without detergent.

Why the Dishwasher Does Not Fill the Water?  

The first step you need to do is to ensure that the water tap is open. After that, you need to consider whether or not the inlet hose is bent.

If both of the causes are not right, you need to check the sieve in the water inlet hose. You have to clog it completely before turning off, turning on, and restarting a new program.

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