How to Refill Cole and Mason Pepper Grinder

If you are having an idea of purchasing a salt or pepper grinder from Cole & Mason and you want to know its user manual in which how to refill Cole and Mason pepper grinder is included, this article is for you.

We KitchenLowCost also offer you some tools to support you to do refilling.

How to open Cole and Mason salt and pepper grinder

how to refill cole and mason pepper grinder

When starting to use something, how to open it would be one of the first things you want to know. Therefore, at first, you might want to know how to open the Cole & Mason grinder.

You only need to gently pull up the top piece of the grinder to open it and there you go.

Cole & Mason provides a variety of salt and pepper grinder models. Each model has its own design and you need to specify which is the top piece, which is the body, which is the grinding mechanism to pull exactly.

How to refill Cole and Mason pepper grinder

how to refill cole and mason pepper grinder

Here is how to refill Cole and Mason pepper grinder:

First, secure the grinder by holding it by the neck or base. When the top is removed, the grinder will no longer shoot loose salt or pepper.

Then, compress the head of the mill and gently lift off the lid. Now you pour the salt or pepper or any types of spices you have prepared into the container.

After you finish refilling, fasten the cap tightly to ensure that spices will not spill or leak while using later.

You can watch this following video to have a more visual view about how to refill Cole and Mason pepper grinder with different types and models.

As you can see in the video above, they use a tool – refill funnel – when refilling the spices to make sure that the less spillage the better.

This is a helpful assistant for those who are not excellent at cooking generally or at refilling spices particularly.

You can opt for the Cole & Mason Salt and Pepper Fill Funnel which is the model in the video or another model Cole & Mason Salt and Pepper Funnel.

Cole and Mason related questions

Following are some related questions of Cole and Mason salt and pepper grinder.

Can I put my mills in the dishwasher?

Cole and Mason mills are made of different materials. Their parts can be made of wood, stainless steel.

Even though these materials are considered to be durable and able to last long, it is still not a smart choice to put them in dishwasher to be cleaned. Washing their body parts and the grinding blades by hand is more recommended.

Why has my mill gone rusty?

Water exposure is the possible cause of rusting in your mill. Cleaning your mills in sink, having your mills washed in dishwasher, or even using a damp cloth to wipe clean it BUT not drying it afterward can result in the rusting.

Storing the mills in moist places can also lead to the rusting.

How to clean Cole & Mason salt and pepper grinder?

First you need to remove the grinding mechanism from the top of the grinder.

You can use a soft brush to clean spices which are left over inside the container if any.

Use a moist cloth to wipe the inside and outside of the grinder.

You can also wash the grinder’s parts in warm mild soap water but remember to rinse and have them dried carefully.

The last step is reassembling the grinding mechanism. You can and should give it a few twists to ensure it’s tightly attached.

Can pink Himalayan salt be used in salt mill?

Pink Himalayan salt has the same hardness as normal rock salt, thus it may be used in ceramic mills without trouble.

Remember not to use it in a salt mill with a nylon or carbon mechanism.

Where are Cole and Mason salt and peppercorns sourced from?

The brand has declared their salt is currently sourced from Belgium and peppercorns are from India and Vietnam.

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