LG Studio Dishwasher Review: Discover Best Features

If you are curious about LG Studio dishwasher series? Read the article about LG Studio dishwasher review now!
LG Studio dishwasher review

LG is a fairly new name on the dishwasher market. Compared to the product lines of this brand, it attracts quite a lot of people’s attention. If you are one of them, immediately read the article about the LG Studio dishwasher review that KitchenLowCost provides you below!

Is LG Dishwasher Reliable?

LG is a Korean multinational heavy industry corporation with headquarters located in Seoul. It was established in 1958 and has been growing until the present.

Therefore, you know that it is a long-standing brand in the market and asserts its position for years.

It is constantly innovating and constantly updating new technology to produce high-qualified electronics.

LG Studio Dishwasher Review: Discover Best Features
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LG dishwasher is quite a popular product in the market. LG dishwashers have beautiful and modern designs together with multi-functions. Everything makes it a must-have item in your kitchen.

LG is also a partner of ENERGY STAR® 2020 Partner of the Year, committing to saving energy by using modern technology on millions of products and also contributing to a better world. 

So now we will discover LG Studio dishwasher review right now in this article!

Why Is LG Studio Dishwasher Worth Buying? 

Before giving you a detailed LG Studio dishwasher review, we would like to analyze why LG is a brand worth your money.

Size and Construction 

To begin, we would let you know the overall LG Studio dishwasher review about the size and construction of this product line.

The Exterior 

The product dimensions are 23 3/4″ x 33 5/8″ x 24 5/8″ (W x H x D).

Its weight is 72 – 89 lbs. (33 – 40 kg). The water temperature là 120 °F (49 °C) minimum and could reach up to 149 °F (65 °C). 

This is a fully integrated dishwasher that would fit your cabinets perfectly and seamlessly.

The control panel is on the top of the dishwater. Its door allows you to open it with ease and also enables you to hang towels.

The exterior is covered with stainless steel offers a clean and modern chic appearance.

In particular, the device has signal lights that let you know about its status every time.

The Interior 

The inside of the machine is also covered with stainless steel. You could load 10 to 12 place settings for each rack mentioned above.

There are two spray arms. The upper spray arm is under the upper rack and the lower spray one is at the bottom of the interior above the filtration system.

This unit includes all you need to load your dishes. It consists of a cutlery rack, upper rack, bottom rack, and silverware basket.

Impressive Features 

Lg dishwasher review
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Below is LG Studio dishwasher review about some amazing features of these kinds of this line:


The top-control models have 3 indicator LEDs centered at the top of the front cover.

 • Red: Error (See the Error Codes in the Troubleshooting section.)

 • White (steady): Normal operation.

 • White (blinking): Cycle has been paused. (After four minutes in pause mode, the machine turns off.)

 • Green: Cycle finished normally.

Note: If ON default is set up, it will keep the green light until the door is opened. If the setting is changed to OFF, the green light turns off after 90 seconds.

LG SmartThinQ Application

When talking about the LG Studio dishwasher review, this is the best feature we want to mention. The LG SmartThinQ application allows you to easily communicate with the appliance using a smartphone.

To install this mode, you can search for the LG SmartThinQ application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on a smartphone. Follow instructions to download and install the application.

Best LG dishwasher review
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Here is a list of LG SmartThinQ application features:

  • Monitoring

This feature helps you to check the status of appliances such as cycles, options, and remaining time.

  • Download Cycle

Besides cycles available on appliances, you could download and set up other cycles on your smartphone.

However, the unit just uses one cycle downloaded per time. It keeps the downloaded cycle until a new cycle is downloaded.

  • Machine Clean Coach

It shows you how many cycles remain before. It allows to set up Machine Clean cycle.

  • Smart Diagnosis

It will help you diagnose and resolve problems on your machine.

  • Settings

Set the Rinse Aid Dispenser Level, Machine Clean Reminder, Chime On/Off, and Signal Light.

Once the cycle is complete or any problems occur with your dishwasher. Notifications will pop up to let you know.

  • Push Alerts

It would send you notifications even if the machine is off. So you check your status all the time.

Smart Diagnosis Function

LG Studio Dishwasher Review: Discover Best Features

This gives you the capability of contacting directly trained specialists. The specialist connects and records data from the appliance and uses it to diagnose in the fastest and most effective way.

You could contact LG Electronics Customer Information

Center at: (LG U.S.A.) 1-800-243-0000

(LG Canada) 1-888-542-2623


  • Smart Diagnosis™ can only be activated if the appliance is turned on using the power ‘ON’. If you do not perform this action, troubleshooting must be done without using Smart Diagnosis™.
  • Smart Diagnosis™ depends on local call quality. If local center quality is poor, it causes ineffective data transmission from your phone to the center. As a result, Smart Diagnosis™ do not perform well.


Currently, the LG Studio dishwasher series has two main products.

The first one is LG STUDIO Top Control Smart Dishwasher with QuadWash™ and TrueSteam®. This unit could clean your dishes perfectly and perform extremely smoothly and quietly.

The second one is LG STUDIO Top Control Smart wi-fi Enabled Dishwasher with QuadWash. The most impressive feature of this machine is the ability to use a smartphone connected with Wifi in order to check and control the dishwasher.

Both of them have the same price at $1,299.00 which is recorded on the official website of LG.

LG Studio Dishwasher Instructions  

To help you have a better understanding of this unit, now we will continually provide you with a step-by-step LG Studio dishwater review about how to operate it.

LG Studio Dishwasher Review: Discover Best Features
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Load the Racks 

Here are some notes for you before loading racks:

  • It is recommended to remove debris or food particles on dishes before loading them.
  • For those food burnt on dishes, you should soak it prior to putting them in the dishwasher.
  • For deep dishes, please put them upside down.
  • Put them separately in the dishwasher.

Loading the Lower Rack 

This rack is usually used for large dishes, bowls, pans or pots.

  • Folding down the lower tines

There will be tines that allow you to fold them down to fit larger items. In another case, you could pull tines back up to fit smaller dishes.


  • Remember to load cookie sheets, cake pans, and other large items on the sides or back of the rack. If you put it in front of the rack, it will prevent the detergent dispenser from reaching the dishwasher.
  • As well, you had better not put them on the bottom of the rack but put them separately on both sides. Because the position of the lower spray arm is below the lower rack, make sure that their handles do not stop the rotation of the spray arms.
  • This rack is not for wine glasses, cups, or small plates. Please put them in the upper rack.

Loading the Silver Basket 

The silverware basket has separators to avoid rubbing delicate silverware.


  • You should put silverware into available separators to avoid the status of nesting among them.
  • Remember to put sharp items like knives or forks upside down. Furthermore, when loading or unloading them, you should be careful to avoid hurt caused by them.
  • It is necessary to unload silverware first because you could limit the droplet from the upper rack.

Loading the upper rack

This rack is used for small items such as cups, glasses, and small plates.

The cup racks could be changed to larger items and pull them back up to fit smaller items.

You can easily adjust the height of the upper rack in these ways. Raise the upper rack to allow items up to 14″ tall in the lower rack.

  • Lowering the rack

Stay in the center of the rack to support its weight. After that, you push the button on the sides of the rack to release them and lower it.

  • Raising the rack

Lift the rack at the center of each side until the rack locks into place in the upper position.


  • Order cups and glasses in the rows between the rack tines because you may not want to see their cracking.
  • Cups, glasses, and bowls must be positioned upside down.

Add Cleaning Agents 

LG Studio Dishwasher Review: Discover Best Features
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These steps are quite important because it determines the level of washing and drying results.

  • Adding Detergent to the Dispenser

To open the detergent dispenser, you should push the lid to open it.

To close it, you just need to push the detergent lid to slide the lid closed until it clicks.

If you want to prewash your dishes, fill the recessed prewash compartment area on the lid with detergent.

You should take note of the level of washing detergent:

  • Fill over the 25 lines for hard water or heavily soiled loads.
  • Fill to the 15 lines for soft water or lightly soiled loads.
  • Adding Rinse Aid to the Dispenser

Rinse aid will be used at the last rinse to help you eliminate spots and filming on dishes. 

You just need to lift up the flap which is next to the detergent dispenser. 

Then add liquid rinse aid to the maximum fill level and take note of not overfilling it. Next, close the lid to lock the dispenser. 

Choose Cycles

LG Studio Dishwasher Review: Discover Best Features
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  •  Auto 

This cycle allows sensors to sense the dirty level of dishes and then choose the best suitable mode to give the best cleaning result. 

  • Heavy 

This is used for heavily soiled dishes. The spray arms will hoạt động một cách intensely to wash dishes. This cycle also has the added power of steam. 

  • Delicate 

Use this cycle to clean delicate items such as fine china and stemware.

  • Refresh 

If you have unused dishes for a long time and want to have them washed, then you could choose this mode. It helps you wash dishes slightly without detergent.

  • Normal 

This cycle should be used every day. It is usually applied to moderately soiled dishes. 

You could choose the Night Dry option if you load dishes at night.  Press and hold Extra Dry for three seconds to activate Night Dry.

After the cycle finishes, the fan will run for an hour. If you want to stop the fan, you could open the door. 

  • Turbo 

This cycle will clean heavily soiled dishes in an hour using slightly more energy and water.

  • Download Cycle

Through application on a smartphone, you could see details about cycles and then decide to download one of them.

  • Rinse 

For food burnt on dishes, this cycle will help you soften them. It will last for a long time and prevent odors on dishes. 

This cycle does not have a drying process. Press and hold Normal for three seconds to activate.  

  • Express 

This cycle will quickly clean lightly soiled dishes. (Time: 33 minutes)

Choose Options 

LG Studio Dishwasher Review: Discover Best Features
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  • Dual Zone

Dual-zone provides levels of spray from strong for the lower rack to soft for the upper one.

  • Half Load

This option washes intensively the upper rack or lower rack. To save time and energy, you should choose Half Load for small loads.

  • Energy Saver

This option uses less energy and increases wash time. You should choose it just for clearly soiled dishes.

  • Steam

This option adds steam at the start of the cycle to improve wash performance.

  • High Temp

Raises the main wash temperature to improve cleaning.

  • Extra Dry

To improve the drying results, this option would raise the heated rinse temperature and add extra drying time.

  • Night Dry

Cycles could finish at night, and then the water vapor in the dishwasher would condense and get it wet. So this option will make the fan run periodically to help vent the steam from the tub.

  • Delay Start

The delayed time could be from 1 to 12 hours. Each time the Delay Start button is pressed, the delay time increases by one hour.

Is LG Dishwasher Better Than Bosch? 

LG Studio Dishwasher Review: Discover Best Features
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  • Quiet performance 

In fact, Bosch could operate more smoothly with the level of quiet performance at 38dB. Whereas the level of the LG diswasher is lower from 44 dB to 48 dB. 

  • Design 

LG’s main products are currently divided into two categories: LG signature and LG Studio product lines.

LG’s designs have two main colors: matte black and matte white.

LG models include all types: pocket handles with top controls, towel bar handles with top controls, and pocket handles with front control.

We all know Bosch is a big and famous brand on the market, it offers a wide range of models. Particularly, there are their sub $600 budget-friendly 100 series (formerly knowns as Ascenta series) right through to their $2,000 luxury Benchmark series, and even ADA dishwashers.

  • Durability and Longevity

Although LG products are not as diverse as Bosch and are relatively new on the dishwasher market. However, in terms of product life span, it is not inferior to an old brand like Bosch. It is supposed that LG dishwasher is as rare as in a damaged or repairable condition.

Bosch is a big brand and its products are quite popular for their durability. However, some product lines sometime could disappoint you a little bit.

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