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Maxim Crepe Maker Features

Maxim crepe maker review

Overall, the construction of Maxim crepe maker is relatively simple. So now we will discover some parts of it and its impressive features.

  • Nonstick cooking surface

It measures 7.9 x 3.1 x 14 inches and the cooking surface is 7-1/2 inches in diameter. The cooking surface is nonstick, which helps you release crepes and clean them effortlessly.

Maxim crepe maker is a bit like a frying pan turned inside out. Nonetheless, it looks a bit like a banjo, and the top is convex.

The cooking surface is also highly heat-resistant and distributes heat around the cooking surface evenly.

  • Ready light

The red ready light is situated on the handle. When Maxim crepe maker is ready to cook, the indicator light will illuminate to notify you.

  • Handle

The exterior is white and seems to be made of sturdy plastic. The handle is always cool to touch and also long enough to be able to rotate Maxim crepe maker in any direction.

  • Electric power cord

A short cord is provided with the aim to reduce the risk of being tripped over, especially for families with children.

The cords are at the end of the unit’s handle to make it easy for storage and use. During use, do not let the cord hang over the edge of table or counter or touch hot surfaces.

  • Legs

The rubber legs are situated under the unit to make it more stable.

How to Use Maxim Crepe Maker

Maxim crepe maker

Step 1: For the first time using, you need to season the cooking surface. You could use a paper towel soaked in cooking oil or butter, then remove it around its surface

Step 2: Plan batter one hour or more before cooking. You should have a plan to use all up batter because batters not used are frozen and put in a refrigerator for several days for storage.

Step 3: Next, pour batter into a pie pan, either glass or metal
or foil, slightly larger than crepe maker.

After plugging into the outlet, you need to wait for approximately 3 minutes to let the Maxim crepe maker be heated up.

Step 4: When it reaches the desired temperature, the ready indicator light will be on. It is time for you to dip the crepe maker in batter.

The cooking surface should be directly in contact with batter in just 3 seconds and be coated around, almost to the edge.

Step 5: Remove from batter and set on its legs. The light will go off.

Until the ready light is on again or when you see light browning on the edges, it has almost stopped steaming.

Step 6: Invert crepes on a plate with a paper towel or a napkin. If crepes do not release, use the included spatula and loosen at the edge.

Step 7: Continue to make other crepes according to the instructions above. No waiting is required. The light will go on to notify that the crepe is done.

Notes During Making Crepes With Maxim Crepe Maker

The change in ingredients and your desired brownness may affect the cooking time. If you want to have crispy crepes, you could want for longer seconds to get your liking.

You could stack them without worrying or waiting. It is not necessary for something between them.

If crepes sticks, then you should check recipes. Some may go with butter or oil. Also, sugar can also cause those sticks.

You may need to wipe the surface with butter, oil, or a paper towel before the first crepe or between dipping.

The dipping between surface and batter should be a few seconds. Otherwise, the nonstick feature would be not effective.

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Serving and Hints

Here are some ways you could enjoy your crepes and store them.


There are different ways to serve with a pile of crepes depending on your favor.

They can be served cold, warm, or hot, baked, broiled, or crisp-fried in oil. Here we suggest you some ideas on handling crepes and ways to use various shapes

  • Quartered

Crepes are folded to the quarters when served plain and in sauce or used “hot off the Pan” for dipping in an appetizer dip.

  • Rolled

You can fill it with a few spoonfuls of an entrée or dessert mixture and quickly bake or broil, or fill with cold mousse, ice cream, or whipped cream.

  • Folded

It could be folded into an envelope for small appetizers, ravioli-like entrées, or crepe-fried treats of all kinds.

  • Stacked

It could be stackable to make a casserole dish, with appropriate fillings and toppings, served hot or cold.

How to Keep Crepes Warm

If you want to keep crepes warm without frying, baking, or spoiling, simply cover them with a foil cover.

Another way is to set a rack or perforated screen (such as a wire mesh splatter shield) over a skillet with some water in it.

How to Freeze or Refrigerate Crepes

Crepes could be stored for up to a month in the freezer, and a week in the refrigerator.

You could stack them and then put it on a sheet of foil or waxed paper and then insert into a large plastic food storage bag.

You had better use a ziplock or other tight-sealing plastic bag, pressing out as much air as possible.

To use it, you could release it at room temperature, it will peel apart with a gentle pull. If you are in hurry, cover it with a foil and put it on a pan or in an oven.

Is Maxim Crepe Maker Cordless?

Maxim crepe maker is not cordless. The cord is at the end of the handle to avoid getting tangled. In addition, the cord is also short to prevent the risk of being tripped over.

For every use, you should stretch, not bend. This is because over time the cord of that position will be broken and must be replaced.

How to Maintain Crepe Maker

Remove plug from the outlet and allow to cool before cleaning.

For the cooking surface of Maxim crepe maker, you should not use sharp utensils, scouring pads, or abrasive cleaners for cleaning because they could damage or scratch the finish.

Instead, you should use a dampened cloth and paper towel to wipe it. For better storage, you could put the crepe maker in a plastic bag or cartoon.

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