Discover 10 Best Mini Crepe Maker to Transform Your Meal

If you are looking for a mini crepe maker to prepare delicious breakfast for family, especially your children. Let KitchenLowCost suggest you top 10 best mini crepe maker nowadays!

Best Mini Crepe Maker on the Market

Below are 10 best crepe maker we have collected and wanted to suggest to you.

Moos & Stone Electric Crepe Maker

Moos & Stone is on the top searching for electric mini crepe maker.

Moos & Stone Electric Crepe Maker

Moos & Stone is considered to be the best mini crepe maker on this list. This electric mini crepe maker is so easy to operate and clean.

It will give you 8” crepes with nonstick cooking surface. There are three colors available for you to select: red, black, and white.

The cooking surface is curved to take batter easier and easy to clean because of nonstick feature.

Just with 4 simple steps, you could enjoy crepes right away. Using this mini electric crepe maker really helps you save much time in your kitchen.

Its versatility allows you to make soft tortillas, tacos, blintzes, eggs roll, chapati, and many more kind of breakfast favorites.

The heating 120V, 60Hz, and 800W temperature element helps cook faster. The long handle makes it flip with ease.

Remember to wipe and dry it completely before storage. Owning it is the best way to prepare your breakfast at a fast pace, especially for daily hectic schedules.

  • Super easy to use
  • Quick cook
  • Versatility
  • High-temperature power
  • It does not allow you to adjust the temperature.

Chefmade Mini Crepe Pan

This crepe pan from Chefmade brand has a very elegant appearance.

Chefmade Mini Crepe Pan

As you see in the image, this mini crepe pan has a good design. It will support you to create 6” and 8” crepes. You also could be assured of its healthy materials.

There are two options for you to opt for: 6” and 8” cooking surface.

This mini crepe maker could work well on gas, induction, electric cooker, and ceramic.

Especially, its handle is made of insulating silicone, which makes it all cool-touch during cooking. Its design is also ergonomic to flip and move effortlessly.

A bamboo spreader is included with the mini crepe pan to make spreading batter become easier.

It is safe, PTFE & PFOA -free, and does not release harmful substances when heated at high temperatures.
1.8 mm carbon steel helps it heat up quickly and also is more scratch resistant and durable.

Even heat resistance could be up to 446 °F. This crepe pan guarantees to bring you the most flavourful food.

Additional bamboo spreader which is a friendly product and safe for health helps you to make the thinnest crepes.

Owing Chefmade crepe pan saves you much time in the kitchen in order to spend more time relaxing at home.

  • Friendly materials
  • High heat resistance
  • Versatility
  • Additional bamboo spreader
  • It is smaller than expected. Check dimensions carefully before buying!

CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker

CucinaPro is a quite reliable brand you could take into account if you want to buy a mini crepe maker.

CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker

CucinaPro is worth considering. It also has an elegant outlook and goes with attractive bonuses including a dipping plate and a spatula.

On its handle, there is an indicator light which lets you know when the crepe maker electric is ready. The crepe pan is also nonstick and easy for you to clean.

A dipping plate and a batter spatula are included to help you make delicious, thin, and large crepes.

The cord is wrapped into the electric base to make the nit look neater and tidier.

Instruction or recipe booklet is included for you to make good preparations before cooking.

  • Elegant design
  • Recipe booklet included
  • Compact size
  • Great gift
  • The maker is very hard to control temperature.

Sensarte Nonstick Crepe Pan

Sensarte crepe pan is made of aluminum which is so durable and heat-resistant. It belongs to the Sensarte brand from Switzerland.

Sensarte Nonstick Crepe Pan

Sensarte is a prestigious brand supplying best crepe pans. Products from this brand look sturdy and beautiful. Its stainless steel base allows you to cook on different cooktops.

The cooking surface is 10 inches with 1/2 inch high side. It has a nonstick granite stone coating, SGS approved.

High magnetic conductive stainless steel base allows you to cook on all cooktops, even oven.

With these features, you could flip crepes on the cooking surface with ease.

It is ideal to make crepes, pancakes, hoe cakes, tortillas, onigiri, and more. The weight of this unit is just 2 lbs, light enough to move and flip.

You should wash this mini crepe maker by hand in soapy water. Do not use sharp tools on the cooking surface.

  • Nonstick granite stone coating
  • Cast iron material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • The handle is not really tightened.

MasterChef Cordless Crepe Maker

MasterChef has its cover with the dominant white tone. It is quite compact with a cool-touch handle and you need to flip it when wanting to cook.

MasterChef Cordless Crepe Maker

Masterchef crepe maker helps you create best mini crepes in the fastest and most convenient way. This is considered to be a great gift for your beloved people.

It will go with a plastic base. Besides, the package also consists of a dipping plate and a spreader helping you to embed the unit into batter conveniently.

Make sure that batter is thin enough to produce a proper crepe; otherwise, sticking may occur.

The included booklet recipe/instruction supports you to prepare meals in the best and fastest.

This will help you create 7.5” delicious mini crepes. This mini crepe maker is a great gift for birthday or the holiday season!

  • Attractive bonuses
  • Convenient to use
  • Create great mini crepes
  • Great gift
  • It takes longer to preheat.

Vinchef Mini Crepe Maker Blini Pan

Vinchef is also a reliable brand to create best mini crepes you should consider.

Vinchef Mini Crepe Maker Blini Pan

Vinchef supports you to make delicious crepes with available molds. It helps you to create as many mini crepes as possible.

There are two options for you: crepe maker with 4 molds and 7 molds. This feature helps you to make as many crepes as possible in the shortest time.

It measures 17.87” x 10”.Its main material is cast aluminum which is nonstick and stain resistant, as well as the cooking surface, has a friendly coating.

The structure is so unique and well-designed with different layers including aluminum, thickened base, heat accumulation, and stainless steel heating conduction outside.

This mini crepe maker is safe for health, reusing PTFE / PFOA / LEAD / CADMIUM. You would not need to worry when making crepes or pancakes for your family members, especially children.

The handle is long enough for easy flipping and also during cooking.

  • Cool-touch handle
  • Friendly material
  • Good design
  • Quick cook
  • The cooking surface is a bit slippery.

Cainfy Mini Silver Dollar Grill Blini Griddle Crepe Pan

Canify griddle crepe maker belongs to Amazon’s choice group and creates 10.5” crepes.

Cainfy Mini Silver Dollar Grill Blini Griddle Crepe Pan

Its material is cast aluminum which is durable and highly heat resistant over time. The handle is also tightened to create comfortable feeloings when used.

It has two choices with different quantities of molds which are 4 molds and 7 molds.

It measures 7.09” x 5.91” x 1.97”. This mini crepe maker could work well on ceramic, induction, gas, electric, and halogen. The handle is easy to clean and wear resistant.

You could use it with ease and enjoy making breakfast, pancakes, eggs, crepes, blinis & blintzes with your children.

The material of cast aluminum is durable and highly heat-resistant which allows you to make different kinds of food quickly.

Before cooking, you should apply a layer of oil to not only prevent stick but also expand its life span.

  • Cool-touch handle
  • Fast heating process
  • High-quality material
  • Good design
  • It distributes heat evenly except for the outer edges.

Salton Cordless Electric Crepe Maker

Salton is a pretty reputable brand in providing kitchen appliances. Now we would discover crepe maker electric from this brand.

Salton Cordless Electric Crepe Maker

Salton is also a famous brand in supplying kitchen appliances. It is quite compact and light to carry anywhere.

It helps you make 7.5″ Crepes & soft tortilla tacos and also can be placed in any direction on the 360-degree base.

Therefore, you can simply set down and take off from any direction. Additionally, the crepe pan is coated with a nonstick layer and easy to clean up.

It operates at 800 watts, so speeding up the cooking process relatively well. The indicator lights and on/off switch are available on the handles.

This product is included a battery tray and spatula for easy cooking.

  • Easy use and move
  • Indicator lights
  • Prestigious brand
  • Battery tray and spatula included
  • The exterior is made of plastic, which is not very durable compared with metals.

Health and Home Electric Crepe Maker

Health and Home crepe maker also has a large cooking surface of 10 inches. It is wide enough for making crepes and pancakes as well as other options.

Health and Home Electric Crepe Maker

Health and Home crepe maker will help create 10” crepes. This is one of the most favorable products. Besides, wooden spreader and spatula are also included wiht this package.

Powerful 1000 watt heating element helps heat fast and make crepes quickly. Besides, the surface is smooth and heat crepes evenly.

Three temperature control knob allows you to adjust your desired temperature and ensure crepes not to be burnt.

The red and green indicator lights will help you know went the unit is on or ready to cook.

12 inches spatula and a spreader are included with the package to support you make the thinnest crepes. If you do not receive them, contact the seller to have them free of charge.

There are many positive feedbacks from customers about this product. It is rated as the most convenient crepe maker and also belongs to the list of the best crepe maker on the market.

  • High-quality material
  • Powerful heating element
  • Adjustable temperature knob
  • Large cooking surface
  • This is a low wattage unit, sometimes it is not hot enough to cook thicker types of food.

Sakuchi Induction Crepe Pan

The last product you also should take into account is Sakuchi induction crepe pan.

Sakuchi Induction Crepe Pan

Sakuchi has stainless steel base as you can see in the imgae which helps it work well on some cooktops such as induction, electronic, etc. The material is also high quality, non-oxidide and non-corrosive.

It creates the thinnest 11” crepes. So this crepe pan will create larger crepes than the units above do.

The crepe pan is made of high-quality cast aluminum with outstanding corrosion resistance.

Especially, the interior and exterior are coated with nonstick granite coating. Therefore, whenever cleaning, you just need a soft cloth to wipe the oil away.

This could work well on induction, hotplate, ceramic, electro, and gas.

Its structure consists of up to three layers: thickened base, heat accumulation, and heating conduction magnets.

The ergonomic bakelite handle connect has no gap, so it is not wobbling.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • High-quality material
  • Versatility
  • Nonstick granite coating
  • The pan is heavy.

How to Choose a Mini Crepe Maker

Before deciding to buy a mini crepe maker, these are features you should consider.

Discover 10 Best Mini Crepe Maker to Transform Your Meal


On average, a mini crepe maker ranges from 7.5” to 11”. Looking at images is not enough, you should read dimensions deliberately before buying.

Some crepe pans have small molds. These molds will support you to make other kinds, especially pancakes.

Besides, the size of handle is also important. You should consider whether or not it stays cool during cooking and help you flip or clean with ease.


There are two main types of mini crepe maker: electric crepe makers and crepe pans.

Electric crepe maker optimizes the cooking time and saves you much effort.

Because it is so easy to use, you just need to adjust the knob and then it automatically heats the cooking surface and notifies you when it is ready to cook.

Crepes pan is for someone who enjoys traditional flavor. These crepe pans could be put on gas, induction, ceramic, and so on.

However, you may contact directly with heat. They are suitable to bring for camping, picnic, or outdoor activities.

Discover 10 Best Mini Crepe Maker to Transform Your Meal


The exterior: Each brand will have particular materials for its products. For the electric crepe maker, some are covered with stainless steel, but the material of others is plastic.

As for the crepe pan, there will usually be a layer of stainless steel on the surface that comes in contact with the heat.

The interior: The interior of both electric crepe maker and crepe pan could be cast iron, cast aluminum, and carbon steel. These materials are highly heat resistant and durable over time.

How to Clean a Mini Crepe Maker

Discover 10 Best Mini Crepe Maker to Transform Your Meal
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Remember to let it cool down completely before cleaning.

  • For electric crepe make, you just need to use a damp cloth to wipe its cooking surface and the exterior. During cleaning, you take note of cleaning electric parts carefully.
  • For crepe pans, you could soak them in water to make burnt batter soften. They could be washed with soap. Some crepe pans could be dishwasher safe, you should read description to know whether or not you could put your crepe pan in a dishwasher.

You could refer some best ways to clean a mini crepe maker KitchenLowCost suggests you here.

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