Discover 6 Best Multi Wood Cutting Board for Your Kitchen

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Top Best Multi Wood Cutting Board

Multi wood cutting board you should know

We have collected top-rated multi wood cutting board on the market nowadays and let us introduce them to you right now!

Sonder Los Angeles Multi Wood Cutting Board

Sonder Los Angeles is a well-known firm supplying cutting boards.

Sonder Los Angeles Multi Wood Cutting Board

This is a premium multi wood cuting board. It could be used not only for cutting and chopping but also as descoration in your cooking space. It will really transform your kitchen!

The cutting boards of this company are quite good quality and have a large purchasing power. This product alone has more than one thousand ratings on Amazon.

The materials of this cutting board are walnut wood, cherry wood, and maple wood.

It measures 17 x 13 x 1.1 inches with a weight of 5.5 pounds. It has natural color and also a stylish design.

There are handles on both sides to help you carry it with ease.

Especially, this product has a 1-year warranty period. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect, they will replace your board free of charge within one year of your purchase date.

It is considered to be a great gift to your beloved people. To maintain it better, you should oil it monthly.

  • Handles included
  • Great gift
  • Reliable brand
  • High-quality materials
  • It is quite easy to cause slight scratches.

Jonathan Alden Classic American Hardwood Butcher Block Cutting Board

This set from Jonathan Alden includes two pieces of butcher block cutting boards.

Jonathan Hardwood Butcher Block Cutting Board

Two pieces give you more choices to use for multi purposes. It is thick, well-used and durable over time.

There are different sizes and sets between 2 and 3 pieces for you to choose from.

Its design is very beautiful with interwoven light and dark wood.

They are available with the following sizes: small board – 7″ x 10″ x 1″ – medium – 8″ x 14″ x 1″ – large – 12″ x 18″ x 1.5″.

They are made of premium furniture grade walnut, cherry, and maple hardwood. These cutting boards are soft on knife and won’t absorb bacteria.

These boards are made with Titebond 3 wood glue. It is exceptionally strong, resistant to water, free of solvents, and approved by the FDA for indirect contact with food.

They are not dishwasher safe, so you had better wash them by hand.

  • FDA certification
  • Different sizes and sets
  • Great design
  • High-quality materials
  • You should consider choosing the correct size because the small size is actually so smaller than you thought.

Dofira Butcher Block Cutting Board

You will be really impressed by the checked pattern of cuttings from Dofira.

Dofira Butcher Block Cutting Board

This is considered to be an extremely perfect gift for your family and friends. High quality materials and exquisite packaging makes it the best option as a present for some special occasions.

This is a butcher block cutting board with handles for easy carrying.

It measures 14 x 11 x 1.5 inches. The cutting board is made of acacia wood, carbonized acacia wood, and rubberwood.

When not in use, this could be used as a serving tray or an ornament in your kitchen because of its beautiful design.

It is moderate on the hardness and will not dull the blade.

An elegant gift box is included with this cutting board. This is a perfect present you could give to your beloved people, no extra packaging is required.

This cutting board is worth investing in whether you are a professional cook or a cooking enthusiast.

  • Unique design
  • Knife-friendly
  • Gift box included
  • Thickness
  • The grips are tiny.

MLHome Multi Wood Cheese Board

The first product on this list comes from MLHome brand.

MLHome Multi Wood Cheese Board

Its egonormic design and versatiliy also makes it become one of multi wood cuting boards worth considering.

This cutting board is made of ash, walnut, beech, and mahogany. These materials are high quality, durable, and water-proof, knife friendly.

It measures 6.5 x 9.84 x 0.6 inches with a weight of 1.05 pounds and has an ergonomic design. The logo is embossed on the board.

It is perfect for chopping and cutting. Furthermore, you could use it as a stylish serving tray, charcuterie board, serving platter for Hors D’oeuvre, and cheese tray.

It could be used for multi purposes and brought anywhere such as kitchen, bar, office cafe, camping, and so on.

This chopping board will make serving and prep become fun and easy.

You should take note of washing them with soap and water and not putting it in a dishwasher!

  • High-quality material
  • Knife-friendly
  • Versatility
  • Ergonomic design
  • It might be smaller than the image you see.

Core Kitchen – Multi-Wood Cutting Boards – 2 Piece Set

The cutting boards of Core Kitchen are quite new on the market, but they also received pretty good reviews.

Core Kitchen – Multi-Wood Cutting Boards – 2 Piece Set

In spite of new brand supplying multi wood cutting board, it is different from other with juice grooves. It is also available with a set of two pieces.

This set consists of 2 pieces of cutting boards. They are made of cherrywood, carbonized acacia, and rubberwood.

Multi wood cutting boards are made from vibrantly colored woods and also joined with grain to maximize resistance to stains, water, and warping over time.

There are some juice grooves around the board to help prevent mess when cutting fruits for anything else.

It is nice to be used as a serving tray or a charcuterie. They are durable and also medium heavy cutting boards.
The price is also reasonable for the set. Here are multi wood cutting board you should consider.

  • Juice grooves
  • Reasonable price
  • Versatility
  • Medium heaviness
  • It is not practical for daily use.

How to Choose a Multi Wood Cutting Board

Below are some features you should take into account before buying a multi wood cutting board.

Different Sizes of Cutting Boards

Best multi wood cutting board on the market

There are various sizes of cutting boards on the market. You should consider its dimension deliberately before buying, not just glancing at its images.

In fact, these images are not right because they may be zoomed in or zoomed out.

Especially, for some brands showing you sets of cutting boards, you will easily mistake sizes for each type.

You should read descriptions to check them more carefully.

If you have demands for buying many multi wood cutting boards for different uses, some sets include 2 or 3 pieces with three sizes of small, medium, and large for you to select.

Juice Grooves

You are annoyed and annoyed when mess occurs whenever cutting or chopping, especially tomatoes or watermelon, etc.

Multi wood cutting board with juice grooves is ideal for you. It will support you to prevent mess during use.


High quality multi wood cutting board

Some multi wood cutting boards are just like a block, but some have handles on both sides or one side for easy carrying.

However, the size of handles of some cutting boards has also been complained because it is quite small, you should keep this in mind if you need handles for storage like hanging that multi wood cutting board on the wall.

So when cleaning, you should take note of cleaning this part to eliminate bacteria residing there.

Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Multi Wood Cutting Board

Here are some tasks you should do to support cleaning multi wood cutting board:

  • Do wash it by hand. For the bread crumbs, you just need to wash them gently with water. As for fresh items such as meat and fish, they should be cleaned with dish soap.
  • Do wash it with light soap. Because the eraser force is too strong will affect the glue and makes multi wood cutting board easily split or cracked.
  • Do dry cutting board completely before storage. As you know, wood is usually moisture and will be easy for bacteria to attach to. Let it finish by air-drying on its side.
  • Do oil multi wood cutting board weekly or monthly. Doing this helps keep them shiny and lustrous as well as limiting splitting or cracking.
Multi wood cutting board toplist

Below are some notes you should not do to expand the life span of your multi wood cutting board.

  • Don’t put multi wood cutting board in a dishwasher. Because harsh dish detergent or heat in a dishwasher may make cutting board warp or split.
  • Don’t soak it into soapy water. You could nhĂșng it in water, but soaking for a long time in soap liquid will cause the status of warping.

You could refer to and remember tips above to clean and maintain your multi wood cutting board better.

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